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Cellantenna Corporation Information
  • Kelly Casey
  • 12453 NW 44th Street
  • Phone: 9545102219
  • URL: http://www.cellantenna.com
  • About CA Wireless:
    CA Wireless delivers logistical communication solutions through the implementation of cutting-edge RF technology domestically and internationally. The company provides engineered hardware and software solutions for public and private enterprises and organizations. CA Wireless is a division of CellAntenna Corporation, an international systems aggregator with offices in the U.S. and Europe. Users looking for more information on the LTE upgrade can utilize the CA Wireless dedicated toll-free line at (877) 401-1944, or email LTE@cawireless.com. More information is available at http://cawireless.com/index.php?id=lte and http://cellantenna.com.
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