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  • Janice McCafferty Communications - Houston
    Janice McCafferty Communications establishes our presence in an array of fields vital to a flourishing PR campaign. Beauty, health, fitness and celebrity public relations remain specialties of our tactics and plans, amplifying the overall progress for all of our clients. JMC is known for producing successfully constructed public relations campaigns that provide press exposure to various targeted markets, while providing the consumer with information about you or your products. This creativity and expertise in the above fields offers JMC clients an aggressive edge over the competition. The establishment of Janice McCafferty Communication’s success rests on a fundamental goal: to provide ample media exposure, a characteristic many of our PR competitors lack. No client wants to be the best kept secret. In stead, our clients thrive with press exposure. Unlike other publicists, we deliver results, not empty promises.
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  • Deep Dark Anti-Aging Sunless Tan
  • Sun Sauce is proud to announce a new vitamin rich, anti-aging sunless lotion. Rich in extreme moisturization and able to deliver a rich dark healthy tan FAST.
  • Houston, TX - NOT all sunless lotions are created equal and once you have tried this one you will see just how different they can be.

  • July 17, 2007