Cash Tracking System - Their Lies Revealed

Top Quote CashTrackingSystem, As With Most 1 Up Programs Put Participants In A Position Of Having To Lie To Seem As Though The Program Has Achieved Things, That A Few Simple Searches Reveal... It Hasn't. End Quote
    Quote "Unless the entire internet is conspiring against them... They are lying" Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 25, 2011 - If your goal is to join a program, where step 1 is to lie to the people you talk to... And to lie in your marketing... Then I highly recommend Cash Tracking System

    The Program launched in early 2009, after the site was created in Nov of 2008.

    They have never had any real traffic or success to speak of, as is the case with 1Up systems... So in the past 6 months or so have begun trying to establish credibility by simply lying about how long they have been around...

    As you can see by the above video, the site was created in 08.

    But lets say that they ARE telling the truth and the ENTIRE internet is conspiring against them to paint them as liars... If the 1 Up model is successful... After 10 YEARS Cash Tracking System would be receiving TONS of traffic... In reality they receive, (the entire program, IOW ALL THE MEMBERS COMBINED), half of the traffic I receive. ONE person in The Peoples Program.

    Comparatively, The Peoples Program receives OVER 5 TIMES the traffic of Cash Tracking System.

    Why? Because a Residual program REWARDS you for helping your team members... Whereas a 1 Up Program PENALIZES you for helping.

    Think about it...

    In a 1 Up such as Cash Tracking System -
    Ralph invites Henry, in THEORY Ralph helps Henry GET 1 PERSON...
    Now OBVIOUSLY if Ralph can help Henry get 1, he can CERTAINLY get that 1 for himself. But for arguments sake lets say he does. What happens next? Henry becomes Ralph's competition, Ralph will never see another DIME regardless of how well Henry does. WHY would he help him get the 1, let alone help him beyond that...

    In a Residual such as The Peoples Program -
    Ralph invites Henry, Henry is NOT required to market for Ralph's benefit, his first gift, and EVERY GIFT goes to him. Ralph receives 20% of the gifts generated by Henry... FOREVER...
    Think Ralph is going to help?

    At what point in a 1 Up can you STOP MARKETING?

    At what point in a residual program can you STOP MARKETING?
    As soon as your residuals are at a level your happy with...

    You don't want to "give up" 20% of your gifts?
    If you honestly don't see the benefit of receiving 20% from numerous people in exchange for 20% of your own efforts...
    1 Up math is made for you

    Why do some "top marketers" prefer a 1 up?
    For the same reason they will usually waive the 1 Up requirement if you ask them to... They KNOW that the only thing they will EVER receive as a result of you joining them is the first gift...
    Wouldn't they want to receive 20% forever from all these people they are supposedly helping?

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