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  • Roman Zazirej
  • Soukenicka 1186/21 Moravska Ostrava Czech Republic
  • URL:
  • Can-cosmetics Ltd.(s.r.o.)runs the e-shop (on-line store) which is a Czech company specializing in selling bio healing hemp cosmetics
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  • Hemp Oil Helps In Case Of Problems With Acne, Atopic Eczema And Psoriasis Too
  • Enthusiastic letters full of emotions. Such are common reactions of people to whom cosmetic with hempseed oil-content helped to reduce or remove acne. Respectively to whom this cosmetic improved constitutional acne, dermatitis or psoriasis. It helps also in case of burns and skin lesions.
  • Emotions are understandable. Skin disease stigmatises not only human skin but also people's mental health. However let try to look soberly at the poss ...
  • May 01, 2010
  • Cannabis in treating inflammatory creams and dry skin benefits
  • Cannabis is known because of problems with the plant. Characteristics, which is that it's used as a dangerous drug by people, has overshadowed much to further advantages, which are known to have for thousands of years. Cannabis found in medicine have been used already in the third millennium BC.
  • The oldest surviving written record of cannabis use comes from the period of Chinese emperor Shen Nung, and is dated sometime in the period 2 737 year ...
  • March 31, 2010