Atopic eczema is a nightmare for small children and their parents

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  • (1888PressRelease) March 23, 2010 - Skin disease, which is indeed non-infectious, but especially a lot of kids can torment fierce itching. It is estimated that worldwide there is 20 to 30% people with atopic dermatitis.

    Often begins in infancy, but even the later appearance of the disease is rare. Atopy is often associated with allergic symptoms (hay fever, asthma). The term atopic reflects abnormal, atypical response of skin and mucous membranes to various provocative stimuli. The skin is extremely dry and itchy to distraction.

    Why does it arise?

    - Either the child inherited the eczema,
    - Or have immune disorders, and to such cells, the reaction is different from the response of cells in healthy skin
    - Or has an increased presence of bacteria stafilokoka which usually doesn't reside in healthy skin and with a contact with atopic eczema it causes inflammatory skin reaction,
    - Or is impaired with protective functions of the skin

    Defective skin "seal"
    The development of the disease contributes a genetic disorder of fatty layer of skin barrier. The result is an increase in water losses, which dries the skin even more. The skin is then rough, cracked, there are the scales and it is less resistant to damage. This facilitates the penetration of allergens and irritants from the environment.

    It is therefore recommended for the treatment of prune the damaged top layer of skin quality medicines (eczema - a skin treatment with lowered pH 4.5, ROBATKO-calming skin cream with lowered pH 4.6), visit

    Artificial strengthen skin barrier prevents both leakage and penetration of allergens into the skin.

    Infantile form usually begins between 2 and 4 moon strongly itching rashes and blisters on their faces or hair. It can extend to the entire head, torso and limbs. Baby then is up all night thus reimbursed, doesn't have enough sleep and is tired. With him, however, is the whole family.

    "The disease affects not only children, but in effect the whole family," says MD. Čapkova of the Children's dermatology department of the Faculty Hospital in Prague Motol.

    "Another fact is that the infant with a defect in appearance is for parents disappointing. But it is important that both mother and child with eczema are enjoying a physical contact and caressing. Foster his psyche and thus immunity. Spontaneous touches and caresses are often relieved by meticulous application of prescribed drugs. "

    It is important to the care of a child to be joined by his father. "Irritated and a crying baby undermines the confidence of an exhausted mother and leads to the feelings of inadequacy," explains ČapkovŠ. "My father also felt in the care of ineptitude. They feel unimportant and pushed away by a mother-bound sick child. It is appropriate to reallocate parental role and the father caught up in care. This will help everyone. "

    Children form affects infants and preschool children. "Favorite sites" of that form are mostly elbow sand popliteal. It is rather"dry" chronic symptoms - dry skin, and roughen with brief acute phase, which is indicated by a redness and itching. At this stage, the parents for the child's disease usually manage.

    Form of adolescents and adults remain in parts of the bending limb and also affects the upper chest. The problem in adolescence is mainly psychological aspect, because teenagers can not cope with the fact that it appears on different spots. The rash usually disappears by age. However, if they appear in such stressful situations or significant immunodepression, eczema can occur at any time. Then again "fall asleep".

    How to fight atopy eczema?

    Treatment must be lead by a dermatologist. The basis for successful treatment is the correct diagnosis of illness by a doctor (some people confuse the symptoms of atopy with acne - particularly in adolescents) and the adaptation diet.

    Modification of diet
    Optimal prevention of atopy is along lactation.

    After the second year of life, what plays a major role are the allergens and infections of the external environment. At school age it is normal to suffer physical and psychological stress. In the course of puberty it tends to have the effect of hormonal changes.

    Skin care, cosmetics and clothing

    Long contact with chlorinated water dries the skin, so they recommend short showers. Suitable are, however, oil baths, after which the skin does not brush, but is "dull" and isimmediately treated nutritious hemp body milk.

    In principle, we choose hypoallergenic cosmetic products. The new product should be tested on a small district of the skin - the best is arm, explains partner of the shop, Mr. Roman

    Clothing should be in principle an open, airy cotton. Unsuitable are: synthetic fibers, wool and fur. Linens should be perfectly steeped.

    The basis of therapy is to maintain and restore the skin barrier suitable medicinal cannabis use forms of cream by weeping tiles as recommended by the dermatologist.

    Novelty of the third millennium are called immunomodulators, or products that improve the balance of components of the immune system. Recent research has shown that prolonged use of these products with a combination of hemp cream led to significant limitations of time and gravity of the manifestations of atopic eczema.

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