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  • CamomileQ launched the first quest-diary "Hello Next! Forget your ex"
  • Camomile Quotient Studio released "Hello Next! Forget your Ex" app on iOS in a format of game-diary employing psychological methods of fighting emotional addiction. This app was developed under the direction of professional psychologists for young ladies undergoing a relationship breakup, or a protracted search for their significant other.
  • Just broke up? Haven't seen your ex for a while but your heart is still broken with no one there to help you cope with the emotional pain? Alex, Roemo ...
  • December 20, 2015
  • CamomileQ released the first virtual EI-trainer
  • Camomile Quotient Studio developed mini-games aimed at increasing emotional intelligence. Unlike e-brain training tools CamomileQ specialises on EI training rather than on cognitive abilities. We believe in "success = time * EI" !
  • Are you looking to establish a genuine, empathetic and lasting relationship with your partner, friends or colleagues? You've heard about emotional int ...
  • December 18, 2015