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  • Caleb Michael Laieski is an environment and civil rights activist, as well as a champaign to the LGBT rights movement. He was bullied, dropped out of high school and quickly obtained his GED. After being bullied at the age of 16, he became a national advocate for anti-bullying, LGBT rights, and suicide prevention.

    Mr. Laieski lived in Arizona at the time and at the age of 16, he took his fight to Washington, D.C., where he met with over 200 staffers and members of Congress.

    This later resulted in Mr. Laieski meeting and being thanked for his work by President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden. He was included in several speeches to the nation by the United States Department of Hea.....
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  • WASHINGTON - Advocate Caleb Laieski, who dropped out of school due to anti-gay bullying and death threats. Laieski met President Obama and took his fi ...
  • February 05, 2016