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"BrightBox is Brand Marketing."
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Cassandra Franceschini
PR Contact
4747 S Pinemont Dr # 100, Houston, TX 77041,
Houston, Texas, United State 77036
Phone: 7138289485
FAX: 877-850-2420
What Makes us Different?
BrightBox is full-service brand marketing with divergent thinking. We bring your brand to spotlight and help you find unique selling points with trusted advice that gets results. From sales to production to processing, we help your brand earn exposure and capitalize on it.
Company Information
No. of full-time employees: 10
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BrightBox is an Inc. 500 firm and one of the top marketing firms in the world.
Brightbox - Company Description
At some agencies, creative is king. Writers and designers drink creative acai berry juice, eat creative starfruit, and create in creative workspaces adorned with Andy Warhol images. After seeing their work, you first say "Wow, that was crazy creative!" followed by "What about the strategy?"

Other firms are full of hyper-smart MBA minds who can recite the first 99 digits of Pi and use the word "synergy" while making air quotes - and they don't appreciate when you laugh at that. They may talk a good game, but you'll never feel it. And neither will your prospects, your customers, or your clients.

BrightBox is a brand marketing firm. Here, strategy drives creative and creative advances great brands. Brands that connect with the head and the heart. Brands that spark action.

The BrightBox team is made up of multi-disciplined brand marketing, design, production, and communications professionals who have worked on the agency and client sides, in both non-profit and traditional corporate arenas. We have worked with B2B and consumer companies spanning nearly every industry, from small entrepreneurial ventures to Fortune 50 corporations.

We research. We listen. We explore. We dabble and tinker. We test. We help find and share your story. And we generate results, over and over.
Key Clients
Ranch Hand, Titan Technologies, Riazul Tequila, Select Energy Services, Envi, High Performance Cultures, HR Remedy, Dataface, Tejas Research & Engineering, eSeis, Inc., Jack Prewitt & Associates, ADC International, PCS, Inc.
Brightbox - Additional Information
Trusting relationships and strong reputations result from companies and organizations first and foremost doing the right thing and engaging in direct, transparent, and consistent communications with key constituencies.

Public relations is not simply about press coverage. PR consists of research, listening, understanding, and interacting. It involves strategic counsel and leveraging a full portfolio of communications and outreach tools:

-Direct Communications
-Media Relations
-Public Affairs
-Community Relations
-Issues/Crisis Management
-Market Research
-Web/Interactive/Social Media
-Marketing Communications

The BrightBox PR team consists of senior PR professionals who have worked on the agency and client sides, in corporate and non-profit arenas. We help companies build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with internal and external audiences. We help organizations get media coverage, and stay out of the press - depending on the scenario. And we help you find your message, and share your brand's story.
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