BORN Naturals - The journey from passion project to making noise in the personal care industry

Top Quote Now being almost a year into business, BORN has grown and Natalieís vision has become more clear. In the works are new products varying from products tending to different hair types to products tending to individuals insecurities End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 19, 2023 - Nearing the end of 2019, health coach and personal trainer Natalie Gagnon embarked on what she thought would be a passion project for herself. As she was transitioning into learning to love her natural hair which was curly yet she grew up straightening every day, she started to become curious as to what was hiding in all these hair and beauty products.

    As her background is in nutrition, optimizing gut health, hormone health and overall wellbeing; she noticed that she was very particular about what she put in her body, but didnít have much knowledge about what she was personally putting on her body.

    This led her down a rabbit hole on which chemicals can be classified as endocrine disruptors and the havoc they can play in oneís overall health. The parabens, phthalates and formaldehydes that were present in personal care products made it challenging for her to navigate her way through choosing personal care products.

    When searching for new products to help her with her own journey of embracing her natural hair, she became frustrated that the products that gave the best results had the ingredients that didnít meet her expectations and the products that were the most natural really didnít give the best results.
    This could only mean one thing, it was time to take this passion project a step further. She began researching how different ingredients impacted the hair and scalp. She began trying various products and making lists of qualities she liked and didnít like. This was all to get a better understanding of what goes into making natural hair products that actually work.

    After hundreds of Amazon deliveries ranging from jojoba oils, panthenol, and every hair product brand you can imagine; Natalie had a short list of qualities she wanted to see in a hair product of her own.

    She knew she wanted to exclude all sulfates, parabens, phthalates, SLS, silicones, formaldehydes, heavy metals, triclosan, and methylisothiazolin from her products.

    Through her time spent investigating, she became increasingly invested in this company and quickly became married to the theme that she wanted to promote and encourage men and women to love their natural born beauty. From textures, to colours, to hair types and more - there was so much beauty in everyoneís differences.

    Thatís when BORN Naturals came to life. From the minute she said the name for the first time, she knew that was the name and nothing was changing her mind. BORN Naturals, the brand that wonít sacrifice your health for beauty; the brand that aims to showcase that beauty is not a competition, and ultimately, the brand that encourages you to embrace your natural born beauty.

    Her next step was securing a formulation house with cosmetic chemists. After a two year dance with a smaller company and watching close to $10,000 go down the drain with them; she parted ways and approached one of Canadaís largest formulators and manufacturers. She was ready to go big or go home.

    This started the journey of launching BORN Naturals flagship products. CLEANSE Shampoo, HYDRATE Conditioner, BOOST Leave-in Conditioner and STYLE Lightweight Gel. Sample after sample, email after email, and phone call after phone call; she were getting closer to the final approval.

    At this point, Natalie realized this small passion project had grown into something beautiful and real. She was on the cusp of launching a female-owned, self-funded, independent small business. There was a lot riding on her and she needed to ensure there was not stone left unturned. She wanted to give her future customers the whole package, so she set out to find the accessories needed to ensure healthy hair from inside the shower all the way to the bedroom.

    Satin sleeping bonnets, wooden paddle brushes, scalp massage brushes, micro-fibre towels and more; there was no stopping her vision.

    The steps from research and development, sampling, sourcing all her accessories, bottles and jars, to finding a creative designer to bring her hand drawn sketches of what she wanted the labels to look like was all exciting and scary at the same time.

    Producing 20,000 units was no small feat, so she knew she had to hit the ground running once the products were ready.

    With a background in advertising and marketing design from her college days, she made a goal of building a strong community through social media. Unlike some other businesses, Natalie didnít have a team underneath her. Every post, every ad, every dollar spent and decision made was her. She hired a photographer and videographer and round up a small group of women who she intuitively felt embodied BORN Naturals and did her first photoshoot for the brand.

    To this day she still feels that those women and photographers were placed in her life for a reason. They are a piece of the brands history.

    BORN Naturals launch was quiet and intimate. It didnít have a big lead up in advertising and save the dates, that said; the launch lead to reviews coming in of how much BORNís customers loved the products. With tears of happiness, this fuelled Natalieís determination to bring more and better to her customers daily. Posting content not just on the products but on hair and scalp health, nutrition for healthier hair and more; she was slowly building her community.

    Now being almost a year into business, BORN has grown and Natalieís vision has become more clear. In the works are new products varying from products tending to different hair types to products tending to individuals insecurities.

    This year Natalie hopes to bring BORN Naturals into the spotlight with some pop-up shops and partnerships and eventually have the company evolve into other ares of personal care such as skincare and overall health.

    There is a lot in store for this small business with a big heart.
    If youíre not already following the brandís journey; find them on instagram at ( @ ) bornnaturals and check out their products at

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