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Top Quote Eric Klein, an author and professional truck driver from West Palm Beach, Florida, has written three religious / self-help books that could only be described as extraordinary. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) May 27, 2020 - Although Eric spent most of his adult life searching for meaning behind his struggling and suffering, he convincingly says that despite everything that has happened to him, miracles do happen to ordinary people every day. Klein discovered something in his early thirties, after graduating from college, that he could never have imagined possible to him; hope and love that could only be described as Biblical or Christ-like. The delivery came from his young eight-year-old niece, Cassidy, who wanted to know about Jesus in a way that she could easily understand. This little girl not only gave Eric a new outlook on life, but soon became the source of his inspiration to writing the Easy-to-Read Bible Stories saga. In just four short years, Eric self-published his first book and began a Facebook page for his fans. Since then, people of all ages, from all over the world, have enjoyed being a poignant part of the characters' lives in Klein’s books. Read the rest of the story behind the writing of this book, in the About the Author section. Uncover the reason why Easy-to-Read Bible Stories is adult written, kid-approved!

    Originally intended for a younger audience, Eric’s books are suitable for readers of all ages.

    While the younger generation may only see the information at face value, others may be able to recognize the hidden meanings behind every story and / or question answered.
    Everyone, regardless of religious background or current religious beliefs, has at some time in their life has asked those pesky “Why questions”. Here’s a few examples:
    - “Why do some people feel they have to steal from others, act in a violent manner, treat others with contempt or disrespect, or go further and commit unspeakable evil toward their fellow man”?
    - “Why should I care about what happened more than 3,000 years ago? I live in the 21st century and those people’s lives have nothing to do with me.
    - “You say that you serve a “loving God”? Why would a “loving God” murder millions of people with a massive flood or order someone else to commit mass-murder?”
    - “I used to go to church when I was younger but as I continued to go on a regular basis, it seemed as if many of these “Christians” were living double lives. Friendly and loving on Sunday then they act like everyone else on Monday. Doesn’t that make them hypocrites? Why would I want to associate myself with that again?”

    That list could go on for multiple pages on many topics (personal life, the church, the bible, the actions of the world, etc.) and still not be able to list every question ever asked. Whether you are (slightly) interested in Bible related books, seeking answers to questions that may pertain to God, or you just have very personal “why questions” regarding life itself - you are reading the right article.

    Below is a small sample of what Eric chose to write about; his writing style is unparallel to other’s on the current market. This is primarily true because it can reach the intellectual level of almost any reader. Younger readers are looking for a direct answer or just a cool story. Intermediate readers may be looking to see what those stories are really about, they recognize them from when they were younger, but their Bible seems to be too complicated for them to understand. More advanced readers may be able to see the hidden messages within the answers that lie in front of them but also feel that the Bible is complicated and reads like stereo instructions. They can see, for example, that although the author has given an explanation to the question / answer (in Why God), there is also additional information here. Information such as how to find more details on the subject and (the reader) is able to recognize the source of where the answer came from.
    Even the first two books, although intended for children, can offer many lessons for adults as well. Why did Adam and Eve disobey God when they knew better? Did Satan use that particular form of manipulation with anyone else? If so, was he successful? What hidden questions can you think of regarding other stories? Do you think after having a better understanding of these stories, you would be able to explain them to the children in your life? It is said, “if you can teach it, you truly understand it.” Below is a summary of what Eric’s first two books are based on.

    Genesis and Moses, the first part of the Easy to Read Bible Stories saga, are deeply admired by everyone that reads them, regardless of age. Genesis, the Bible’s first book, is a collection of stories which starts at the creation of the universe and chronologically works its’ way through the first 2,500 years of the human timeline. After God created Adam and Eve, the stories seem to endlessly, yet naturally, flow through one generation after the next and explains how God has interacted with His children (mankind), until finally ending with the story of Abraham; the man that God calls “friend”. Ironically, the first section (book) does not end with Abraham but goes on to tell the reader about his family and how God interacted with them as well – long after he was gone. Genesis eventually ends with Abraham’s great-grandson, Joseph. A story of a young, impressionable teenager who wanted nothing more than the love and respect of his family; instead he got dismissiveness from his beloved father, Jacob, and jealousy from his brothers. In fact, his brothers were so jealous of Joseph they contemplated murdering him but chose to sell him to human traffickers instead. Many years later, Joseph was given the opportunity to repay his family for how they treated him. His reaction not only pleased God but will astound anyone who chooses to read about this phenomenal story.
    Moses, a name known throughout the world, regardless of biblical knowledge, was just an ordinary guy who happened to be adopted by the Pharaoh’s daughter. Was his adoption nothing more than sheer coincidence or was it a part of God’s plan? Raised as an Egyptian Prince, Moses knew no other life beside the one he was accustomed too. I’m sure it came as quite the surprise when he was told that he was lied to his entire life and he was really a Jew. As it turned out, he was no different than those being mistreated and held in captivity by his adoptive family. Some surprises are just more than one person can handle all at one time. Before long, Moses discovers he has a brother, Aaron, a sister, Miriam, and a mother – all whom are very much alive and love him very much!

    Upon hearing this news, his actions towards a fellow Egyptian landed him a one-way ticket to the unforgiving desert near Mount Sinai for 40 years! The story is far from over though; it is here that the adventure really begins. Moses comes face-to-face with the God of the Universe, in the form of a burning bush; one that does not burn up! Over the next month, God shows (not only the Israelites) but the Egyptians as well, there always has been and always will be one God.

    By the end of the ten plagues that God chose to use against Egypt, the Pharaoh couldn’t change his mind even if he wanted too. Once you upset the Creator, you better make sure you can handle the punishment! No doubt, everyone is familiar with what happened next; right up until Moses leads the two - million people with their animals and personal belongings to a dead – end. Not only were they allowed to leave, after being in captivity for four-hundred years, they left with parting gifts!

    With the Red Sea in front of them and the Pharaoh’s army behind them, closing in fast, Moses had to act fast … what to do, what to do. Clearly, the only thing that Moses could do at this point was to pray to his God. Amazing how that works, huh? We hit rock-bottom (pun intended) and have no other choice but to ask for help from God, despite how we have ignored him our entire life. By the next morning, Moses shows us what it means to let go and let God.

    What happens from that point on is anything but comical, but it seems that this was not a problem for Eric Klein. From one grumbling moment to the next, the Israelites made sure that Moses earned every one of the grey hairs on his head. Eric finds a way to not only teach his readers about this one-of-a-kind story, he also found a way to keep everyone interested right to the very end.

    Eric is present in all social media accounts including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and even Spotify. You can also go to his website: and fill in a form on the contact page to get in touch with him directly. Eric offers free E-books with all new e-mail subscribers, starting June 2020.

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