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  • We want to create a more human business environment, powered by more human communications and using technology to simplify and improve our working lives. Video and mobile are at the heart of this vision.

    We recognised that whilst business is increasingly mobile, many business tools are not. As businesses seek to improve productivity in their mobile teams, they lack the appropriate tools to make both users%u2019 and managers%u2019 lives easier. We saw that solutions such as CRM systems were not as effective or efficient as they could be, because the people who were integral to capturing the data that drives them weren%u2019t sufficiently considered in the design process.
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  • vyn, a leading UK based video AI technology firm launches its operations in India
  • The company unveils exciting investment plans for setting up an International AI Lab and R&D centre in New Delhi Total Global Investment in Indian AI startups touched over USD$ 529 Million in 2018, registering 368% growth from 2017.
  • vyn, an AI tech company headquartered in London announced the launch of an International AI Lab and R&D centre in New Delhi, India.
    Founded wi ...
  • September 28, 2019