Black Female "Alpha Team" Prepares to Unify Black Wealth by Reserving and Promoting January as Black Circulation Month

Top Quote Mr. Williams and his Alpha Team look to be the driving force in creating 5 million quality Black Small Businesses and quadrupling the number of deposits in Black owned Banks and Financial Institutions. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) December 29, 2016 - No one can do it for us like we can is the motto of the "Alpha Team", a group selected by Mr. Edward "40" Williams, founder of Black Circulation Month 50 Year Movement which starts next week in 2017. We have declared January as the official Black Circuluation Month as we look to raise, loan and spend a total of $10M each year in marketing, promoting and educating Blacks on the need to Bank Black, start a business as well as circulate our monies with each other for the full 31 days in January.

    We must first accept our role in creating the problems that Blacks face today. After slavery, we wanted to exercise our rights to spend our money where we wanted to. That was a great show of force and liberation at the time to make others serve and respect us. Unfortunately since the end of segregation, we lost sight of the power of supporting one another and started spending our monies carelessly and carefree for decades. We've supported all ethnic groups of people in spite of color or religion.

    We've helped them accomplish their economic structure of life and will continue to do so. But, we must re-direct our view and economic ideology to start loving and helping ourselves first as a whole, to rise above the social turmoil that we find ourselves in. Now that we've identified the cause and effect of our kindness, it's time for a cure.

    The first step towards Black economic independence as written by Mr. Williams is "to not depend on the Government - Democratic or Republican. It's time to be self-reliant and only depend on our own race to solve our problems." We must keep in mind that we, Black people, are the true trend setters. By us showing America how we treat ourselves by reserving January as Black Circulation Month, then and only then can we expect everyone else to support our cause.

    When we come together and celebrate Black Circulation Month for the next 50 years, 1 out of 10 people in America in January would make an extra special effort to support and spend some type of money with Black owned Businesses like never before. When it is done correctly, we will have over 1 trillion dollars spent in Black owned Businesses. For example, when we say "Bank Black", it means to take at least $25 - $50 to place into one or two of the Black Banks to see how your customer service is. Some Black Banks allow accounts to be opened with a minimum of only $25 with no minimum balance required and no monthly fees.

    As we prepare to celebrate January as Black Circulation Month, Blacks are encouraged to circulate our wealth in Black owned businesses only. This effort will give Black families $108B as a direct economic boost. Nowhere in history of Black America could Black lives be more impacted. This 50 Year Wealth Plan from 2017-2067 would solve 90% of the problems for Black America.

    We are asking our Black Banks, Black Rappers, Black Singers, Black Actors, Black Athletes, Black Businesses, Black Radio Stations, Black Newspapers, Black Television Stations, Black Radio Hosts, Black Comedians, Black Sororities/Fraternities, and Black Clergy to step up and call us and unify as one. Do not try to do your own thing come together and support this one effort. We want to make this January kickoff one to remember.

    We need 1 million conscientious Black people to register with us today to become a card carrying member for Free and tweet #BlackCirculationMonth

    January Is Black Circulation Month
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