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Top Quote Philadelphia-based biotech executive search firm, Berke Executive Search, highlights the progress of biotechnology and how biotech has brought advancements to the healthcare industry. End Quote
  • Philadelphia, PA-NJ (1888PressRelease) July 20, 2017 - In the last few years, scientists have delved further into biotech and as a result are closer to exceeding human brain power with technology. These advancements are made possible through the work of talent discovered by organizations such as Berke Executive Search. Biotech is responsible for many advancements in healthcare with the largest strides made in prosthetic limbs, cancer detection, and rehabilitation.

    Bionic limbs have gone from comic book pages to reality through biotech advances from scientists like Dean Kamen and Nigel Ackland. Kamen, a researcher at DEKA, developed the “Luke” arm that uses a foot operated joy stick in combination with vibration to regulate hand grip. His arm is the most advanced limb available, but is already being upstaged by Acklands Bebionic 3 hand. This hand bypasses a joystick and relies solely on upper arm muscles to control movement. Merging technology with natural muscle allows the hand to operate organically greatly improving the lives of amputees. While the Bebionic 3 hand is still in beginning stages of development, its existence shows how quickly biotech is evolving and the eventual merge of technology with human biology.

    Solving long-term health issues is just one piece of the biotech healthcare puzzle. Biotech companies also focus on early detection to improve lives before drastic medical procedures are the only course of action. Genomics- the practice of identifying illness through the study of genes- by Dana Farber Institute showcases the potential of biotech prediction. The University of California made equally great strides by developing a device that can expose cancer in a single drop of saliva allowing faster and cheaper answers for patients. While other techniques are more widely used by professionals today, the industry supports the advancement of biotech centered devices as an encouragement for better medical care.

    Alongside aid for amputees and cancer patients, biotech has opened the door for progress in brain-related illness. Brain-computer Interfaces (BCIs) serve many functions such as increasing mobility, regaining senses, and restoring memories. Researchers are turning to BCIs as an answer to diseases such as paralysis and dementia.

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