Best Leak Detection Systems Launched by Proteus Industries

Top Quote The Weldsaver is useful in robotic welding. It means it will not need a person to man it but will work automatically. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) December 29, 2020 - Leaks on pipes and other flow channels can lead to massive damage or significant losses. That is why proteus industries saw the need to have a tool that would detect the leaks as soon as they happen. It helps firms take speedy action and avoid losses and damage. The Weldsaver is a powerful tool that detects leaks as soon as they occur. The alarm goes off, alerting you there is a fault in the flow channel.

    There are plenty of leak detection systems in the market. However, many of them are not reliable. You will have slight errors, which will lead to damage to your system. Also, you will count losses in terms of lost liquid and damaged machinery. Please do not wait until you realize the losses when Proteus industries can help you avoid them.
    Since its inception, the Proteus industries have always made the best products. Their purpose is not to lead the market but to satisfy their clients. That is why the newly launched leak detection tool will not disappoint you.

    The Weldsaver is useful in robotic welding. It means it will not need a person to man it but will work automatically. Also, it sends an alarm 0.3 seconds after it detects a leak. Thus you can be swift to take action and fix the problem. The response time makes it the quickest system to detect leaks. It keeps all the systems safe from possible damage.

    The Weldsaver will help you ease the plumbing problems. You will no longer need to wait to see water paddles in the basement or a wet floor in the kitchen. The Weldsavers are available in various sizes so that they fit several uses in homes and industries. At home, it will assist you to save on water bills. Also, the tool is wire dree. You will not stress about the installation and effectiveness.

    If you want a tool that will only work as a leak detector, you can forgo the idea of buying a Weldsaver. Proteus industries also have another product by the name Proteus AQUO pro. Unlike the Weldsaver, this tool only detects leaks. It is highly effective and sends the signal 0.3 seconds after it detects a leak. However, many people prefer Weldsaver due to its multiple uses.

    The Proteus AQUO pro is pocket friendly. If you have a low budget, you can afford the tool without hassle. Do not let the price of Weldsaver keep you from acquiring a leak detection system. It is a tool that is needed in every home and office. You will even need it more if your business involves the flow of liquids.

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