Bayville Scream Park Gives Long Island A Halloween Season It Will Never Forget

Top Quote Bayville Scream Park will scare New York silly this Halloween season! End Quote
  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) August 10, 2019 - This Halloween, Bayville will be shrouded in fog, darkness, and overrun by creatures who definitely go bump in the night. Bayville Scream Park opens September 27th! This state-of-the-art haunted house attraction is bound to terrify you and make you tremble, even at just the entrance of it. Its chilling atmosphere still haunts us to this day. We were lucky enough to get out of there with our lives! Rest assured, our tails were between our legs when we narrowly escaped. And what we would do to go back there!

    Halloween is a wonderful time of year, mainly because of how we obsess over and celebrate a certain hallmark-ish macabre theme and environment. We pride ourselves on it and haunted houses are the ultimate gateway into the fun that the season brings. We need to experience fear because fear is a part of life. What better way to do it than to have fun with it. Bayville Scream Park is a perfect place for a Halloween scare, a fun outing with the friends and family, even a good date spot. You may even find out who will take off running first!

    Bayville consists of some of the most ghastly themes imaginable. The very thought of them sends multiple shivers down our spines. Find your way out, if you dare, of Evil of the Woods and then make your way to the horrifying Temple of Terror where you will be forced to endure the many curses inflicted. Funhouse of Fear 3D is next and may we say, if you are not a fan of clowns or circus’, you are in for one heck of a nightmare!

    Bloodworth Haunted Mansion will make you forgive all of the creepiness your own home has, for the misery and bone-chilling emptiness that Bloodworth contains will haunt your soul night after night. You will swear someone is over your shoulder and you will swear you saw something, not someone, scuttle down the hallway. Will you go check it out? You will have to in order to escape the wicked mansion. At last we have The Cage, which may make you go home and look at your pets differently. Finally, the Bayville Haunted Asylum is the pinnacle of horror, sending you screaming for the hills, forgetting you drove here. The Asylum houses deranged loonies who are out to rip your innards, suck your blood, and pick at your teeth. It is their asylum now. Not so much a family environment!

    Producer Donald Finley, when asked, states, “Bayville Scream Park isn’t just for the true horror fans, it’s a graceland for everyone to enjoy come Halloween.” Finley was certain that the attraction would bring in just about anyone. “People love to experience fear in a fun way. To a degree, this attraction makes people show their true colors to one another but also to have a good time with each other, experiencing something they’ve never experienced before.” Bayville Scream Park is open from September 27th to November 2nd. Long Island will hear your screams all the way to East Hampton!

    Bayville Scream Park
    5 Spectacular Haunted Houses
    8 Bayville Ave,
    Bayville, NY 11709
    September 27th - November 2nd, 2019

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