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"Be Seen. Be Known. Be Heard."
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Marla Gonzalez
695 Pylant St,
Atlanta, Georgia, United State 30306
Email: pr@bculturemedia.com
Phone: (404)889-8658
FAX: (404)920-8638
What Makes us Different?
We tell brand stories through innovative technology, messaging and creative mediums. Our vision is to be brand story tellers and position our clients as trendsetters and household names. To raise top of mind awareness on every man, woman and child. Everywhere, anywhere.
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No. of full-time employees: 15
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A digital media agency specializing in brand perception management.
B Culture Media - Company Description
What are we? Brand enhancers. What's our thing? Brand story telling. Turning communications into interactive dialogue . Amplifying social interaction while rocking media advertising we build the ideological and technological foundation to filter the noise. You think trend, we think lifestyle. There is more to us than status updating and tweets, we believe in finding your niche and telling your brand story.
Key Clients
Cole Haan, Tourneau
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  • Lifestyle
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