Author Tim Frady Releases New Fitness Book

Top Quote The new book, Never Quit: The Back to Basics Fitness Guide written by fitness author Tim Frady, challenges the standard gimmicks of other high profile fitness books by promoting the simple basics of diet and lifestyle and relays a message of inspiration and motivation that anyone can achieve their goals by challenging the way they think in relation to those goals. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) May 27, 2015 - Author Tim Frady recently released Never Quit: The Back to Basics Fitness Guide to Amazon in paperback and kindle.

    Ignoring fads and gimmicks, this book puts the focus on re-learning the basics that we all know intuitively but consciously fail to remember or practice in our daily lives. The book's fitness program begins with a person's mental and spiritual outlook before going into details about diet and exercise. The book emphasizes that the key to success in any goal starts with the right attitude and retraining our behaviors through a healthy brainwashing of sorts.

    It's not enough to casually decide to get healthy. The book details how one must plan to get healthy, not just make a halfhearted decision. You have to know where you're going and how you're going to get there, just like having a road map for a long journey.

    The book utilizes quotes from some of the great thinkers of history to drive home its points, such as this quote from Benjamin Franklin, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

    Tim Frady believes that even with all of the technology and greater education we have today, in terms of healthcare, we have forgotten to seek wisdom, which allows us to make the most of it. This also goes back to the Christian aspects of the book, as the Bible says that God is the giver of wisdom, just as He is also a provider of many great foods that are basically a daily dose of medicine, if we choose to eat them.

    More than a third of the U.S. Adult population is obese. Not surprising that our children are also following the habits of adults creating an obesity epidemic with our youth as well. Never Quit seeks to help families beat the obesity epidemic, by motivating the adults to eat the right way and live healthier lives altogether, thus providing good examples to their children, family, and friends.

    Never Quit is just what the title implies, it is part motivational and part guide to the basic fundamentals of health and fitness broken down into four easy to remember categories. Those categories include mental and spiritual, diet, exercise, and balance. The goal of the book is to simplify health and fitness into easy to understand terms that everyone can apply to their own personal lives.

    About the Author
    Tim Frady has written three other books, two of which are focused on health and fitness including Common Sense Biblical Approach to Health and Fitness. He is also the webmaster of the health and fitness site His goal is to convince as many as possible of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, and to help and motivate others to begin their journey into fitness.

    Never Quit: The Back to Basics Fitness Guide by Tim Frady is currently available for purchase at Amazon in paperback and kindle editions.

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