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  • Boston, MA-NH (1888PressRelease) June 15, 2012 - For anyone who may have served in the US Navy or other branches of the United States Armed Forces, or for those who are simply intrigued by the look and feel of authentic military-style timepieces, Chelsea Clock offers two unique precision clocks: The Patriot Deck Clock and the Radio Room Clock. Produced by Chelsea Clock, one of the county's oldest and most respected clockmakers, these 12/24-hour quartz clocks are made to meet stringent specifications of the US military for precision and durability - making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use, as well as aboard boats of all makes and models.

    Patriot Deck Clock

    The Patriot Deck Clock is an authentic reproduction of Chelsea Clock's original WWII-era navy engine room deck clock. The original Chelsea Deck clock can be found aboard thousands of navy vessels today with a history dating back to the 1900s.

    The Patriot Deck Clock's case is custom made from black phenolic, a durable, heat-resistant and lightweight molded resin. Both corrosion- and shatter-proof, this rugged case is designed to last for decades. The clock, available with either black or white dial, displays time in a classic 12/24-hour military format and includes a sweep (or second) hand. The Patriot Deck Clock's hinged bezel and brass locking lug make access for time adjustments and battery replacement fast and easy. In addition, the clock's O-ring rubber gasket ensures a tight seal against water and dust.

    Originally named the "Chelsea Deck Clock," this military timepiece was first produced in the early 1900s featuring a solid brass case, as do most all Chelsea clocks. But during the early part of WWII, with brass and other metals in short supply, the US Government challenged the Chelsea Clock Company to develop an alternative material for its clock case that could equally withstand the rigors of battle and everyday life at sea. The company eventually perfected the proprietary black phenolic case, a high-impact resin that satisfied Government requirements and continues to be the material of choice today.

    Versions of the Patriot Deck Clock can be found aboard US Liberty ships, submarines, destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers. In fact, versions of the Chelsea Deck Clock are still specified by US Government agencies for installation aboard hundreds of US ships, including most notably the USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier.

    Radio Room Clock

    The Radio Room Clock is an authentic reproduction of Chelsea Clock's original Radio Room timepiece, created as a direct result of the passage of the Radio Act of 1912. Just as the Patriot Deck Clock, this quartz timepiece features a durable, corrosion-proof black phenolic resin case, hinged bezel with brass locking lug and an O-ring rubber gasket to resist moisture and dust. The Radio Room clock dial, which displays both 12- and 24-hour markings, also indicates internationally-observed periods of radio silence with red and green intervals.

    The Chelsea Clock Radio Room Clock has a long history of being an important instrument in shipboard radio shacks, including those aboard countless US Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine vessels. In addition to tracking hours of the day, the Radio Room Clock's dial indicates periods when radio silence must be observed. Radio operators use the dial's red four-second marks along its outer edge to accurately time the transmission of four-second alarm signals (as required by the International Telecommunication Convention and the International Conference on Safety of Life at Sea). Additionally, two triangular-shaped red sections at 15 and 45 minutes past each hour indicate the three-minute periods of silence that must be observed by all radio stations (to monitor distress calls on 500 kHz frequency). Likewise, the two triangular-shaped green sections indicate three-minute silent periods at the top of each hour and 30 minutes past each hour (for monitoring transmissions on 2182 kHz. distress frequency).

    The Radio Room Act of 1912, which requires all seafaring vessels to maintain 24-hour radio watch and keep in touch with nearby ships and coastal radio stations, was partly spurred by the sinking of the RMS Titanic on April 14, 1912. Because distress signals from the troubled luxury ocean liner met with interference from amateur operators' radio transmissions, the Act required, among other things, stricter operator licensing and the observance of "quiet" or non-transmission periods. Therefore, the Chelsea Clock Radio Room Clock dial features two three-minute intervals marked in red to indicate silent periods when only emergency radio messages can be transmitted. Two green markings designate silent periods when radio operators must listen for coastal distress signals.
    Today, Chelsea Clock continues to produce thousands of precision Radio Room Clocks in accordance with US Government specifications for use aboard a variety of military vessels, as well as in shore stations.

    Available at

    Patriot Deck and Radio Room Clocks are available exclusively online at Perfect for displaying anywhere in the home or office, these rugged, low-maintenance quartz clocks are also at home outdoors and aboard any size or style boat. Both 6" dial clocks come with color-matching mounting hardware, a complete instruction manual and an AA battery.

    About Chelsea Clock

    Founded in 1897 in Chelsea, Massachusetts, Chelsea Clock is the oldest clock company in America and one of the most renowned and respected makers of fine timepieces. The chimes of the Chelsea Clock Ship's Bell, originally designed and patented in 1898, have long alerted U.S. Navy sailors and worldwide mariners to the time during their "watch," earning the company a distinguished reputation for producing authentic, high-quality nautical timepieces. Today, Chelsea Clock continues to produce a broad range of nautical and heirloom quality clocks, with styles ranging from the company's renowned Ship's Bell to classic reproductions and contemporary timepieces. The company's wide range of fine products is available through marine merchants, specialty shops, jewelers and gift stores, as well as online at For more information about Chelsea Clock, call 1-866-899-2805or visit

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