Athletes gain an edge with the Globus Premium 200 electro-muscle stimulator (EMS) - now available in the UK

Top Quote The Globus Premium 200 electro-muscle stimulator (EMS) uses technology which is proven to increase athletic performance by 10-30%. For 350 any athlete (or coach) can get the best on the market. End Quote
  • Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, PA (1888PressRelease) July 13, 2010 - Once you have sorted out your training regime, technique and nutrition it can be difficult to push your performance further. However the latest electro-muscle stimulators can boost performance by 10-30% even in professional athletes.

    EMS units send electrical pulses through your muscles which stimulate them to contract and relax in the same way your brain sends nerve impulses. However you can programme an EMS to make your muscles work(out) in different ways something you cannot do with a brain. In tests, using an EMS as part of your training programme has increased performance (measured in a variety of ways) by 10-30% across a range of different sports.

    William Fryer, Technical Director of, says, basically EMS units work, there is a massive body of scientific evidence to support that. Any athlete competing at a fairly serious level needs to be using one just to be in the running. Virtually the whole of the Brazilian football team use them. And the best on the market sells for less than 350.

    So what are the benefits?

    1. You increase your performance - generally speaking by 10-30%
    2. You increase your ability to workout - because with an EMS you can work out while you watch TV, on a plane/train or even in bed.
    3. Your muscles recover faster. Active Recovery programmes make your muscles recover faster after exercise.

    In the UK, the public perception of EMS devices has been hurt by cheap mass market EMS devices which promised a lot and delivered little. In reality there are two major companies with the technology to manufacture effective EMS devices, one of those is the Italian company globus italia srl. Their leading EMS product is the Premium 200 which is quite simply the best combination of features and quality for the least money on the market.

    The globus premium 200:
    - is 2/3rds the price of its nearest competitor.
    - has programmes designed for specific sports, eg, cycling, running, martial arts, football.
    - has an intuitive graphical display/guide so you do not need to refer to a user guide.
    - allows you to run two different programmes across the four channels (2+2 mode).

    The Globus Premium 200 EMS is designed for athletes competing at a high level (and those wanting to). It has every programme any athlete could ever need.

    It is a full function four channel EMS and the unique intuitive display makes it easy to use. Basically you just follow the pictures on screen which tell you where to put the pads. (Handy when you are trying to negotiate its 486 programmes.)

    The unit is powered by a rechargeable battery and is made in Europe.

    Whether you are a very serious athlete competing at national or international level or you are just a regular athlete who wants a top notch EMS you will not be disappointed with the Globus Premium 200.

    The Premium 200 is used in Sports Training, General Fitness, Beauty, Rehabilitation and Pain Management.

    The Globus Premium 200 is available in the UK from:

    Globus Premium 200 Full Specification

    Key Features

    Graphical Display - it shows you what to do, very easy to follow.
    2+2 Function: you can carry out two different programs at the same time.
    Automatic Mode (AUTO STIM): The Globus Premium 200 Pro is the only stimulator on the market that lets you carry out a programme without manually intervening on the intensity.
    Synchrosym: By pressing only one button, you can increase the intensity value on all the 4 channels at once.
    Last 10 Memory: Premium 200 Pro keeps in its memory the last 10 programmes carried. Very handy.
    Memo Function: Create your own personalised library of programmes.
    Personal Trainer: You set the objectives, it helps you achieve them.
    Multi-user: Premium 200 lets you share the stimulator between several people, keeping the personal settings stored.
    Special programming for men and women: The programmes are different for men and women considering physiological differences and improving the results.
    Special Sports: programmes tuned to develop the muscle function for the most common physical activities.

    The 486 PROGRAMMES:

    148 SPORT including: Capillarisation, Warm up, Pre Competition, Active Rest, Maximum Force, Resistant Force, Explosive Force, Aerobic Resistance, Reactivity, Post competition recovery,Relaxation, Ipertrophy,Dynamic Work

    44 SPECIAL SPORTS including: Running, Cross-country ski, Golf, Martial arts, Tennis, Football, Cycling.

    132 FITNESS including: Firming, Bio Pulse Firming, Sculpting,Bio Pulse Sculpting, Toniing, Mass Development, Body Sculpting, Jogging, Anaerobic, Muscular, Muscular Preparation, Aerobic, Cramp Prevention

    147 BEAUTY including: Drainage, Lipolysis, Relax Massage Bio Pulse, Toning Massage, Energetic Massage, Connective Massage, Vascularisation, Post Partum Drainage, Lipolysi Post-Partum, Firming Post-Partum, Breast Firming, Breast Sculpting, Swollen Arms, Face Capillarisation, Face Lifting Effect, Arterial Insufficiency, Venous Insufficiency, Sculpting

    43 REHABILITATION including: Atrophy Recovery, Re-Musculation, Reinforcement, Mobilisation, Agonist/Antagonist

    20 PAIN including: Endorphinic Tens, Aematomas, Contractures, Sciatica, Antistress, Lumbago, Cervico Brachial Neuralgia, Cervical Painsi, Periarthrytis, Epicondylitis, Nausea, Carpal Tunnel, Hip Arthrosis, Rotula Condhritis, Menstrual Pain, Intense Menstrual Pain, Antalgic Tens Acute Pain, Antalgic Tens Chronic Pain, Modulated Tens.

    Channels: 4 independent channels (8 electrodes)
    Frequency: 0,3 150 Hz
    Power: 120 mA per channel
    Amplitude: 45 450 s
    Waveform: rectangular, biphasic, symmetrical, compensated
    Power supply: Battery charger of 7.2 V150 mA
    Conformity: It complies with the Standard ISO 9001, EN 46001 for medical device. Certified MDD (Medical Device Directive)

    What's in the box?

    1x Bag
    1x Stimulator GLOBUS PREMIUM 200
    4x Cables for electrodes connection
    1x Battery charger.
    4x Adhesive electrodes 50 x 50
    4x Adhesive electrodes 50 x 90
    1x Operating manual of the stimulator
    1x Personal Trainer

    In the UK the Globus Premium 200 is available from and is available for 345.00

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    1. For further information contact Bill Fryer, Technical Director on 07753 821 520 or technical ( @ ) jdharris dot co dot uk
    2. Pictures shows Globus Premium 200, Brazilian midfielder Ze Roberto, Nelson Petrone personal trainer to Ronaldo.
    3. If you are an editor who would like to trial a sample of this product please contact dani ( @ ) jdharris dot co dot uk
    4. We are happy to supply copies of scientific studies showing how effective EMS devices are.

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