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  • Ruben Christopher is a young author who hails from Southern California. Ruben has authored a number of books over the life of his career. He began his writing career in his early teens and has never looked back since. Now in his mid twenties and with several books underneath his belt, Ruben hopes his latest book %u201CInto the Night%u201D which is his first crack at vampire genre will fly off into literary history. Ruben currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada where he has remained for the past three years and continues to actively write. His first opening debut will be at Barnes and Noble on August28th, 2010, 2-4pm located in Henderson, Nevada. ASA Publishing Company
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  • New Vampire Novel by Ruben Christopher, a new upcoming bestseller on the rise
  • Author Ruben Christopher with his latest novel "Into the Night Daylight Dies" aims to take a big bite out of the literary world and pop culture in general. Ruben aspires to join Stephanie Meyer and her hit series "Twilight" in plunging its stake into the pop culture. But unlike Twilight, Into the Night isn't teen angst, it takes a different approach entirely to the genre.
  • Garden City, MI - Into the Night takes place in the modern day world, where vampires ( ) locked in a heated war wi ...
  • October 03, 2010