Arvind Corrotech Explains About Various Storage Tank Design Options

Top Quote Arvind Corrotech, one of the industry-leading chemical storage tanks manufacturers explain the nuances between various storage tank designs. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 13, 2020 - As per the industrial facility, floor space, and handling requirements, various types of tank designs are available. Emphasizing the significance of choosing the right design, team Arvind Corrotech puts some light on the functionalities and usage of various tank design options.

    “Choosing the tank design is a very crucial part of your chemical storage system that could make or break the storage performance. Understanding various aspects of different designs and coming up with the right design choice is very important. Various factors such as the location where the tank will be installed, the floor space for installing the tank, future upgrades in the chemical storage system, etc needs to be taken in consideration before choose the final design of the tank.”, explains a floor engineer from team Arvind Corrotech.

    Options for Tank Design

    1. Vertical Storage Tanks
    Vertical tanks are upright, cylindrical tanks that are considered an ideal storage tank design. It provides reliable service and robust containment. “Vertical tanks are a standard choice for many customers who already have a secondary containment installed. It is a versatile option that comes with ladder lugs and lifting lugs. It can be customized in size as per the requirement of the customer.”, explains team Arvind Corrotech. “Even vertical tanks are available in various different designs like flat top flat bottom, open top, flat top conical bottom, conical top flat bottom and close top design.”, adds the technical team at Arvind Corrotech.

    2. Horizontal Storage Tanks
    “Horizontal tanks are ideal for setting up a storage system in spaces where you have a wider floor space but a restricted ceiling height. An important advantage of installing horizontal tanks is that they can be easily integrated with the existing structural steel or plant space. Horizontal tanks can be customized as per the dimension and application requirement of the client.”, says a team member at Arvind Corrotech.

    In horizontal tank the material of construction has to be PP+FRP. As only PP cannot withstand the load of volume of chemical. In FRP coated tank there is an issue of maintenance & durability.

    So it is better to avoid PP+FRP horizontal tanks and if possible one should go for PP/HDPE vertical cylindrical tanks.

    3. Square Storage Tanks
    “Square tanks are self-standing, easy to install storage tanks. Since they are easy to handle, they are considered an ideal design for storing aggressive fluids and solvents. We fabricate leak-proof, abrasion-resistant, anti-corrosive chemical storage tanks as per the dimension and application requirements of the customers.”, says team Arvind Corrotech explaining about this third tank design.

    About Arvind Corrotech:
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