Armageddon Yellowstone: Hell Unleashed is a Psychological Thriller by Terry Rich Hartley

Top Quote This is a full slate of a story. It's a fast moving story, and it keeps you hooked . . . a killer high tech thriller. End Quote
  • Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, WA (1888PressRelease) April 09, 2012 - Armageddon Yellowstone: Hell Unleashed

    It would explode with a force a thousand times more powerful than the Mount St Helens eruption in 1980. The world's largest super-volcano located underneath the United States' Yellowstone National Park is set to blow. (Actual report from the UK's Daily Mail.)
    A scientist on a suicide mission...
    A brain damaged boy disappears from the hospital...
    A Faustian bargain with a mysterious life form ...
    A ghostly shaman bearing visions of disaster...
    A rash of murderous behavior in two small towns
    A cavern concealing clandestine paramilitary maneuvers...
    A vast, deep reservoir of fiery molten rock threatening the heart of North America...

    Armageddon Yellowstone: Hell Unleashed, the stunning new science fiction thriller from award-winning writer Terry Rich Hartley, author of Paranoia on River Road, The Ditchrider's Daughter, Whisper, and Whisper II: The Books.


    "This is a full slate of a story. It is a feat in and of itself that the author, Terry Rich Hartley, pulls all the strands together; major kudos to him . . . It's a fast moving story, and it keeps you hooked . . . a killer high tech thriller." (
    "If like me, you're a Brit fascinated by Yellowstone and the films about volcanoes, this is a book worth reading. It combines geology with science fiction, with a bit of native American mystique thrown in for good measure." (

    Also by the author:

    Paranoia on River Road

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    "Hartley does an excellent job of tying all the loose ends together, and bringing them home in just the right way. As they say...Karma's a bitch...and this one delivered quite a bite!" (Loretta Wheeler)


    Biff Summer has a rich life: a cabin above the Madison River in Montana, river guide friends, a heart touched by a mentally challenged boy, and a possible future with the boy's mother. He seems to have it made. Problem is, Biff is actually Larry Grady, a grifter on the run from a notoriously brutal loan shark who plans a living autopsy for him. "Mr. Awful," will employ any means to see that happen, including unleashing "The Birddog," an evil bounty hunter who it's said will follow his prey's psychic trail of fear into hell if he has to.

    "Haunting! If you think you can run from your past you should read Whisper. It gives real meaning to the old saw: You can run, but you can't hide. The characters were absorbing to the point I actually cared about their outcomes. This psychological thriller captures one's imagination." (Amazon Review)

    Terry Rich Hartley

    Noted science fiction editor Jerry Pournelle wrote in Far Frontiers magazine:

    Terry Rich Hartley thinks that perhaps we were not all meant to love one another, except in the sense that flesh is heat, and we enjoy that love we feel as we kill or are killed.

    While that ominous theme occurs in some of his fiction, Dr. Hartley argues that he's really a normal guy who likes to bring the abnormal side of psychology to story writing. Hartley has been a research psychologist, psychology professor, and journalist, but his passion is and always has been fiction writing.

    His current themes mingle psychology, science fiction, and horror with suggestions of the paranormal. Prior to chasing his doctorate he wrote science fiction stories and also earned first-place awards for newspaper column writing and for editing in New York State.

    An avid outdoorsman, Hartley lives in the rugged American West beside a turbulent river where scary themes play on his mind.

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