Application areas of the innovative technology Triol ITA

Top Quote Triol Interactive Technology Assistant (ITA) is an innovative universal technology developed by Triol Corporation that has no analogues in the automation market. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 24, 2017 - Triol ITA combines software tools for collecting, processing and analysing information on the status and performance of remote mechanisms.

    Where can you apply Triol ITA?
    Water utilities dispatching system

    The operator can control pumps, pumping stations and engines by using Triol ITA. Applying this technology for water utilities will allow you:
    – to reduce the costs of collecting information from objects;
    – to simplify the determination of the exact location of the breakout or failure;
    – to get an instrument for operational control of the industrial process.

    Dispatch and control system for oil production
    As for the oil industry, Triol ITA technology enables the remote management of wells and the oil production process. You will get the following opportunities:
    – controlling of oil production equipment;
    – monitoring of operation of control stations;
    – creating of maps of remote objects in accordance with the actual coordinates;
    – formation of summary information on well pads and deposits;
    – displaying of reports on system data.

    Lift dispatching system
    Triol ITA technology for lift facilities is designed to improve the lift management and maintenance. You get an instrument which allows you:
    – to monitor the state of relay and power part of the equipment;
    – to reduce time of response to a fault;
    – to effect coordination of repair teams to the exact cause of the accident, which speeds up work performance;
    – to analyse operating parameters and faults.

    Smart home
    You will get a “smart”, controlled and comfortable home by using Triol ITA technology. The technology provides reading the current state parameters:
    – air temperature and humidity indoors and outdoors;
    – lighting, ventilation and conditioning;
    – meter readings and it reminds of payment for utility services.

    Video surveillance technology will allow you to look after the house and children, even when you are not around.

    Enterprise security system
    Your enterprise security will become even more reliable by using Triol ITA technology. This functional solution developed by Triol Corporation allows you:
    – to check motions;
    – to recognize faces;
    – to record the weight of employees with their personal belongings at the enterprise entrance and exit;
    – to scan an entrance control post;
    – to perform automatic recording of employees’ working hours.

    Warehouse control system
    For warehouse premises Triol ITA is the optimal solution for data collection and premise state management. The technology automatically:
    – maintains and, if necessary, adjusts temperature, humidity and lighting parameters;
    – generates reports on the equipment state and sends SMS notification when the sensor readings are beyond the specified limits.

    The system for collecting information from indicating sensors
    Triol ITA converts the indicating sensors readings into digital information, which automates outdated manufacturing processes. Subsequently there will be available:
    – calibration of the indicating sensors readings, which resulting in minimum errors;
    – information output in the required format on one operator panel.

    System for automation of the parts outgoing inspection
    Checking the manufactured part dimensions by a template is the next task for Triol ITA technology. A number of advantages will be available during this check:
    – the human factor is reduced to zero;
    – the number of check templates can be unlimited;
    – the program can be easily integrated into the enterprise system for production and accounting.

    Motor vehicles and logistics monitor system
    Triol ITA technology is designed for monitoring the current state and motor vehicles traffic route. Triol ITA tracks:
    – amount of fuel in a tank;
    – speed;
    – present-position coordinates;
    – time of driving and stops.

    Triol ITA generates reports on the parameters you need and on repairs. It reminds of necessity to provide a maintenance of separate units or the whole vehicle and notifies on the detected faults. The received data is transferred to the dispatching department and is displayed to the operator for further analysis and monitor.

    Fire safety management system
    Triol ITA technology is a program for managing fire safety. This technology allows you to get a number of advantages:
    – prompt notification: sending SMS notifications, activating the alarm and dialling the fire service number;
    – automatic recording of current parameters of object sensors in a cloud-based server.

    Triol ITA technology provides maximum economic benefits by decreasing the probability of equipment failure and is a really indispensable aid for a modern enterprise. This is the best solution for your manufacturing process automation!

    Triol Corporation is going forward to the innovative future!

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