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  • Aaron Matthew Kaiser
  • 1735 Peyton Ave. #206
  • Phone: 818-217-0050
  • URL:
  • AntiKaiser, Inc. is an independent development company for the entertainment marketplace. Its primary focus is the creation, ownership, and licensing of unique intellectual properties across all available platforms with a mastery in film, television, anime, and digital publishing. Founded in 1998, AntiKaiser incorporated in 2012 and has corporate headquarters in Burbank, CA.

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Antikaiser, Inc. Press Release -

  • 'Classic Alice' Prepares to Tell Its Story
  • Produced by Kate Hackett Prod and AntiKaiser, webseries will explore a student's journey to live life according to classic literature.
  • Intent on integrating classic literature with the modern world, Kate Hackett Productions and AntiKaiser officially announced on Tuesday the upcoming r ...
  • January 11, 2014