Anti-Snitch Initiative Aims to Fight the Snitching Pandemic

Top Quote An anti-snitch initiative aims to fight the snitching pandemic by exposing people online that give police information. End Quote
  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) May 06, 2020 - While millions of Americans fight for their lives, snitches are making lives worse by ratting out their neighbors to the social distancing police. Such activity only increases social stigma towards COVID-19 sufferers while putting others at greater risk of infection. is helping people fight back by exposing cop callers, police informants, and government witnesses online.

    Cop Blaster has been hosting one of the internetís most popular user generated snitch directories since 2017. It permits registered members to post names, pictures, legal paperwork, and addresses of those they say have given information to law enforcement for use in criminal prosecutions.

    Snitches are a plague upon humanity. They make up for their personal cowardice and lack of honor by going behind peopleís backs with their lies and cries for injustice. Such people can typically be categorized as tattlers or backstabbing rats. Tattlers are those that seek to get people into trouble by initiating contact with authorities. Backstabbing rats are criminals that get caught and decide to betray their associates in exchange for lighter punishments. Both types are notorious liars known to say whatever they think will cause their enemies problems or solve their own.

    It is no secret that social distancing is not possible in jails. That makes them ideal incubation chambers for infectious diseases. Snitching on people for not social distancing only increases the likelihood of jailhouse outbreaks. Arrests alone expose people to the inmate population by placing them in crowded holding cells where people wait to be released on bail or recognizance. That contact alone puts jails at higher risk and creates the possibility of people being released with the virus that otherwise would not have been exposed in the first place. Jails are more dangerous than block parties during pandemics, so it defies common sense to put people in jails for congregating in public places.

    Police officers that respond to social distancing snitches and those they interact with are most at risk. When someone answers the door for a cop, they are probably not wearing a mask and even if the cop knocking on the door is wearing one, masks do more to protect others than the people wearing them. Coronavirus has led to a rare alignment of interests because responding to any call is now a matter of life or death for law enforcement. When tattlers needlessly cause officers to contact members of the public for frivolous reasons, they are recklessly endangering the lives of those officers.

    Cop Blaster hopes to ultimately save lives by discouraging people from snitching. To that end, Cop Blaster will do all it can to expose snitches with the hope that the only long-term stigma resulting from this pandemic will be the stigma of being a Coronavirus snitch. The best thing people can do to dodge that stigma is to stop snitching.

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