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Top Quote took on the stage to commence another session of ‘Weekly Pitch Events’ from 5.00 pm to 7.00 p.m. on November 22nd, 2022. It was a live online broadcast on the LinkedIn and YouTube channels of that features promising startups pitching their ventures to a targeted group of prospective investors. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) December 19, 2022 - Once again took on the stage on November 22nd, 2022, to commence another session of ‘Weekly Pitch Events.’ It is a live online broadcast that features promising startups pitching their ventures to a targeted group of prospective investors. Knowledge-seeking individuals who may be interested can now join with For more details on the innovation-focused startup pitches, tune in every Tuesday from 5.00 pm to 7.00 p.m. GMT via Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

    During our latest pitch, we had in-line three high-potential founders who are targeting to raise money for their businesses. They were chosen with great care by to make presentations to a keen audience of highly professional investors from around the world. As always, the event was hosted by Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi, the founder of “” and Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory. In addition to serving as CEO, he has also worked as a venture capitalist, business owner, and merchant banker. In the infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and technology sectors, he has advised companies on deals worth more than €100 million and fundraising efforts totaling more than €50 million.

    The session kickstarted with the introduction of the 1st speaker, Tamar Baudze. She is the Co-founder and CEO of her company EBAZAAR. Tamar began her pitch by giving us a glimpse into her background. She has six years of experience in the Marketplaces in Georgia. In addition, she also has completed the 500 Global Startup Program and was accepted (very recently) by a German Startup Academy. EBAAZAR.GE is all about being a scalable marketplace that connects farmers directly with their customers. The problem Tamar is addressing through EBAZAAR is the disadvantage farmers face in having several intermediaries between them and the end buyer.

    “The farmers are in a shadow; receiving lesser payment for their products, and the customer is paying more” Tamar explained. EBAZAAR eliminates this issue and provides a digital channel and operational support while helping reach thousands of customers remotely. The revenue stream is transaction based, and their marketplaces are large metropolitan areas in Georgia, Germany, and the UK. Tamar further explained that their investment offer is a 15% equity share and raises 3 million dollars for the urban zones. She ended her pitch by adding “I strongly believe that in a world where we're talking about blockchain and AI and so many innovations, farmers surely deserve their strong digital presence”.

    Povilas Motiejunas was the next speaker to take on the platform. He is the Co-Founder of WeSleep. He began by explaining that WeSleep is not only an app. It awards users for their sleep time while incentivizing the users to build a healthier lifestyle. When sharing the Market Overview, Povilas explained that the data strongly suggests that 2022 is the start of the explosive growth of GameFi. It led to the introduction of Sleepies. These are WeSleep NFTs, each carrying a different set of attributes that defines the app users and they are tradable.

    What makes WeSleep unique is its B2B2C model which allows WeSleep to offer businesses a direct channel for their products and service promotion on a CPM basis. “Basically, it allows us to build a sustainable flow of additional revenue which is then to be reinvested back into the governance or reward token,” Povilas said. When asked about the connection between building a healthy lifestyle/sleep and using WeSleep, Povalis answered, “We are trying to provide a tool that incentivizes users to engage and build a healthy lifestyle”. He then explained how the system works “You have one NFT it defines your maximum rewards number per hour slept, you get rewards for your times slept which is from 4-9 hours, depending on the level of the NFT and rarity. At the same time, rewards can be spent in the B2B2C Marketplace, so buying diet plans, gym memberships, sports clothes, everything that is connected with healthy lifestyle habits - you can use those tokens to claim them.” When asked about why does WeSleep deserve investment, Povilas explained, “I believe we are working on a great concept, connecting Web2 together with Web3 is the way to go and the way to go to grow the blockchain community”.

    Our 3rd speaker for the day was Joao Domingos, who is the Founder and CEO of NEFT ME. Joao has a lot of experience in the digital and web field, he has built a few distribution companies in the Fashion area as well. Based on that experience Jaoa created new social platforms. Joao’s presentation included a visually appealing video, guiding the viewer step by step, to help them better understand NEFT ME. Simply put - it is a create-to-earn app where its users can monetize by creating content in NFT format (in photo/video/sound etc.) Users can buy, sell and invest in others NFTs through this platform. It helps them earn tokens which can be exchanged for money. The higher your percentage is, the more investors you draw in. Easily download the app and create a profile.

    The monetization modules for the creators are different. “We already have some accelerator programs regarding NEFT ME. We want to do two awards there - the Creator's Economy Award and the Ubeswap Community Award. We also have more than 1 000 users waiting to test our beta version” Joao explained. “We received several contacts from other blockchains – Algorand, Near, Polygon even Selena. We will have to decide which chain we’ll choose to integrate with and of course to be multi-chain in the future”.

    When discussing the ROI, Joao explained the strategies for each option. “B2B in my opinion is the first and the most important one in the beginning since we are going to Market with influencers and all types of brands, we will reach them and show them that they can activate and do different things inside the platform”. NEFT ME has already gotten a solid marketplace. They work with prominent names - including the biggest global TikTok agency. Ace of Clubs is another entity. It takes care of global celebrities like Justin Bieber and Drake. Joao ended the presentation by highlighting that their main aim is to cross-chain the social footprint of each user.

    Going full circle, Tamara - first to start was the last to answer why EBAZAAR is worthy of investing. “EBAZAAR is clearly creating value for farmers and directing them to end-customers and giving the farmers the opportunity to be focused on the farming job – it’s a great value.”

    The Weekly Pitch Events is a triumphant effort as it offers participants insightful knowledge about various startups that are being introduced. More sessions are lined-up by for the upcoming weeks this month. The course will also involve free membership to, which gives participants access to marketing and promotion options and puts them in touch with investors directly. For more information on upcoming sessions and events, go to and social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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