Android Lead in Smartphone Race Explodes via The Long Tail

Top Quote Phone Insurance & iPhone Insurance data reveals that Android the open source mobile operating system is winning the Smartphone race because of the Longtail effect. End Quote
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  • (1888PressRelease) July 01, 2011 - Delray Beach, Florida: Ensquared the #1 Authority in phone insurance has revealed via it's own last 6 months sales data relating to iPhone Insurance and Phone Insurance that the Android operating system collectively is now the number one operating system in Smartphones across the United States overtaking Apple's IOS and smashing BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile and the Nokia Symbian.

    First impressions can be deceiving if one only looks at marketing and brand presence. It would appear that Android is less well known than the well publicized and promoted brands such as Apple and BlackBerry. However, when using Phone Insurance as a yardstick of market dynamics in the device arena it paints a somewhat different picture. Apple iPhones are insured 40% out of all Ensquared devices. However Ensquared has revealed that because of the Long Tail effect when adding HTC, Samsung, Motorola and LG then Apple has simply been overtaken by the long tail effect.

    The long tail effect is simply the sum of many smaller parts - in this case numerous brands all based on the Android system - to cumulatively overpower single brands. In the case of Android the open source mobile operating system strategy is starting to shine and through its numerous adherents has built a commanding lead for the system. Many new manufactures have selected Android because it requires no license fee, encourages an open source development community and web centric ethos. As a result, handset manufactures have reduced costs and increased functionality compared to that of closed and propriety based systems such as Apple iPhone IOS and RIMs BlackBerry OS operating system. Blackberry in particular has a brand and a system has been devastated by the pincer effect of Apple on the one side and Android brands on the other. Nokia as well. This has seen free-fall on their quoted share prices of late and a strategic move by Nokia climbing into bed with Microsoft windows system to try staunch the leaking. Apple as a brand despite the long tail effect still stands tall, although its system is losing ground to Android. What comes to mind when watching this unfold is a saying: "We are not each of us so strong, but just count us".

    Ensquared has revealed that Smartphone Insurance is not synonymous with iPhone insurance and Android brands feature very strongly. According to Ensquared's data Apple has the 2 leading models on the market and as a brand predominates. However, there is no doubt but there is a range of Phone Makes and Models that together most definitely are driving the Android system to dominate the mobile world for the coming years.

    History has repeated itself in the technology world over the last 20 years showing that the open source community can develop more efficiently and effectively than any one single company through a powerful synergistic combined effect. Netscape Navigator owned the web browser market in the 1990's; in the 2000s Internet Explorer had taken the lead; by 2010 Mozilla powered browsers like Firefox, and Chrome started to catch up. Similarly Microsoft used to own the desktop operating system and now free Unix operating systems such as Linux - powered by open source development - threatens Microsoft. Thanks to this interesting insurance data by Ensquared it is clearly evident that the cell phone technology arena follows the same trends and is no different; open source development is going to dominate in the Smartphone world. This simply means that the system dominant leaders by market share (i.e. Nokia Symbian and Apple IOS) will both be taken down by the Android powered mobile device operating system.

    "We at Ensquared are sharing our data since we are truly amazed at this new emerging trend. The next wave of Internet usage is happening on Android powered Smartphones" said Ensquared CEO Gordon Polovin. "Every day more and more Android devices of all different brands and models are getting insured alongside iPhone." Added Polovin.

    For more information about the Ensquared data referenced in this report (including tables and graphs) please visit is a cutting edge insurance backed wireless protection program designed to give consumers the very best choices when it comes to SmartPhone and iPhone Insurance covering all states and provinces in the United States and Canada respectively. Ensquared offers Lost, Stolen and Accidental Insurance online and services customers with a 24/7 claim centre focused on replacing and repairing devices under insurance with 24-hour replacements.

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