An Informative Pitch Event Between Founders and an Audience of Investors

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  • (1888PressRelease) May 26, 2023 - A Pitch Event featuring four founders looking to elevate their companies was recently held by EquityMatch and broadcast online on Thursday, May 4, 2023. It is an important event for the founders as this Pitch Event tends to be the first impression they make on potential investors. This event provides the opportunity for the founders to persuade potential investors to see the benefits of the venture, and the product/service, and to buy into it.

    Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi was the host of the Pitch Event and is the Founder of EquityMatch. Along with being a merchant banker, he is a driven executive, a venture capitalist, and an entrepreneur. Max established HSMI-Corporate Advisory, where he also holds the position of managing partner. Through this company, he has additionally given clients business guidance in the infrastructures fashion, real estate, and technology sectors. Furthermore, Max provides clients with guidance on fundraising initiatives costing more than €50 million and transactions totaling more than €100 million. In addition to being a board member, he presently offers advice to several growth-stage companies in the technology and healthcare sectors in the EU and HK.

    Alan Loughrey, the Founder of Futnut (LINK) which is based in Ireland, was the first speaker in the session. He mentioned that he is originally from Ireland with a strategic operations and product development background. Alan also helps companies to build a web presence that supports their strategy and reflects their brand. Moreover, he has established Futnut for football fans who could turn their knowledge into stuff. “Futnut was shortlisted for the EU Social Innovation Challenge Prize in 2022 and is available on the App Store, Amazon App Store, and Play Store,” said Alan. He also elaborated that Futnut is an odds-based prediction platform where individuals could make predictions, win points, get ranks, and the rank then unlocks access to brand deals. This venture is safe and offers a true test of knowledge. During the session, he stated, “In terms of the UKI opportunity, there are about 22 million Premier League fans in the UKI, 4 million of those are Football bettors and 4 million are Fantasy Games like Fantasy Premier Leagues and we are targeting the crossover of these two which is about 1 million players.” According to him, Futnut is a B2C business model, and they have a freemium model, and the prediction games are free to enter and free to play.

    Vladimir Kaverin is the CEO and Founder of SpawnX (, who had the opportunity to pitch his business in the session following Alan Loughrey. He revealed that it is his 8th or the 9th business but SpawnX is his first startup. Moreover, he mentioned that SpawnX is the first production business that he started and he was able to transform it into a startup. SpawnX is involved in the agricultural tech that develops and sells mushroom city farms as a business. “I and my wife started our startup as a conventional, small-scale mushroom farm with no employees at all, and grew it to an industrial scale facility producing 10 tons of mushrooms per month with consistent deliveries and profits and we started to sell farms themselves afterward,” said Vladimir. Furthermore, he was able to describe their automated city mushroom farm business kit consisting of their substrate preparation machine, ventilation system for growing rooms, farm automation software, and planning software does not require any special knowledge to handle. Additionally, Vladimir stated that with this system they could predict and match the yield to the sales forecast with 90% accuracy and reduce all technical risks of the farm to zero.

    Troy Brazell was the third speaker, who joined the session from Utah, the United States of America. He has been in business for 30 years by working with Cendant Corporation and other bigger corporations. Moreover, Troy said that he has helped to build and sell a few companies and he has been focused on building Optima Sports Group and sports analytics models and predictive performance models for the past decade. Troy is the CEO of Optima Sports Group (LINK), which is based in the United States of America. He was able to explain, “Optima Sports Group, as I mentioned, we are the only analytics company that has proven to directly impact winning percentage in professional sports. We have worked with three Super Bowl Champions, an NBA champion, and an MLS Cup winner.” He was able to elaborate on how their models have proven to be significantly more effective for professional teams. According to Troy, it is because they do not allow objective information and they are objective based looking at all the data points that are directly indicative of actual performance on the field, the court, and the pitch, and that makes it usable for the coaches and the general management of the teams.

    The last speaker in the session, Lionel Lodge, is the Co-Founder and CEO of SyncLodge (LINK), which is based in England. He has been involved in the entertainment industry for decades with a diverse spectrum of the industry. Furthermore, Lionel has been in the IP ownership industry as a creative as well as a business manager. He also said that he has run quite a few businesses and two of them were sold off to their biggest competitors for a very nice price. SyncLodge is a project management and workflow management system for the intellectual property licensing industry. He mentioned that SyncLodge is seen as a monumental step forward for the industry and they have many quotes from many people giving feedback. “The entertainment industry is calling for a digital transformation and what we have built at SyncLodge is that transformation. Our system automates up to 60% of the admin time and the full suite of tools that we have built is with the input of hundreds of industry stakeholders over the last few years,” said Lionel.

    The four esteemed founders who participated in this pitching event had the opportunity to introduce their companies to prospective investors from around the globe. EquityMatch has planned intriguing events that are akin to those that will occur in the months that will come in 2023. Visit and EquityMatch's social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to learn more about upcoming webinars and events. Along with receiving a free subscription to EquityMatch, which links clients with investors and gives them exposure to numerous promotional and marketing opportunities, participants in the course also receive these advantages.

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