An Amity Student contributes to save environment in his own unique way

Top Quote An Innovation by a Class 11th boy from Amity School. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 01, 2012 - Protecting the environment has always been one of the most challenging and vital tasks for the humans. The changing trends can witness a number of people working towards this direction. Youngsters too are getting actively involved in this movement of saving the environment. They are turning out to be the anchors of this revolution. Following this trend a young student from Amity International School, Noida Shashank Agarwal of class 11th has also contributed to this movement in his own unique way.

    There are major resources available in India that comes for free and can be used for many purposes. About 70% of Indian population is residing in villages and in the rural areas are deficits for funds and knowledge to use some of these resources. In rural India, people still cannot afford to have luxury of house that can save them from all sorts of changing weather.

    Keeping this consideration in mind, Shashank Agarwal has come up with a revolutionary idea of making houses made up of bricks with a mixture of straw dust and cow dung. Just a month back it was unreal and undoable but Shashank has turned this into a reality thus helping the society in ways more than one.
    "We were always using cow dung and water mixture as a coating item on walls and floors to give them strength and now with a visionary idea of a young student we will have a chance to contribute to the society to make it cleaner, greener & cheaper", believes Shashank.

    Method of making a brick using alternate substance which as of now is cement and the kiln is an old fashioned technology and it also includes a lot of costing as well. The amount of CO, NO and nitrates are already high due to industrial waste, increased number of vehicles on the road and forest being cut down. So in such a situation making brick using a substance that is available for free and is lighter in weight will help the society economically and will be completely eco-friendly.

    Shashank Agarwal narrates why he chose this mixture instead of contemporary material. "Cow dung is believed to have anti-bacterial qualities. It serves as disinfectant. It is also believed to be an excellent and inexpensive insulator. It is good for health, keep away insects, keep house cool in summers and warm in winters. It is an effort of how to best utilize natural material. These bricks are light weight which is an advantage at the time of earthquake, as quake impact is in proportionate with the weight of the structure." he said.

    Why Low Cost Homes in Rural Area

    Bricks that we use today are prepared by using agricultural soil, fuels to heat the kiln. Burning of fuels for making these bricks results in emissions of gaseous pollutants and ash into the environment spoiling it further. While at the same time bricks made from cow-dung are eco-friendly and much cheaper hence reducing down the cost attached to make a home. Bricks made from cow dung are greener and 70% lighter than regular clay bricks. The basic material needed for making bricks are available at free of cost, and from wastes, besides its use as fuel or fertilizer.

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