Amateur Inventor Discovers 26 Different Ways to Substantially Increase Anyone's Gas Mileage

Top Quote Finally, a list of easy ways to get better gas mileage, up to 50% better in some vehicles, for everyone out there struggling with high gas prices. For anyone ready to get better mileage, this is the book to start with. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) August 26, 2008 - There's a new source of information in town about easily increasing your vehicle's gas mileage efficiency, compiled by an amateur inventor that has tested his tips on multiple vehicles and then wrote about and explained each one. Apparently, for the $7 cost of his downloadable list, anyone can now benefit from increasing the gas mileage in their vehicles up to 50% or more. The amateur inventor Tim Benedict tells us how.

    "Basically, I looked at the mechanics of a vehicle, and focused on the 5 key areas that could be improved: The driver, the mechanics, the fuel, the air, and the exhaust. There are ways you can either tap into waste energy in each place, or improve the functioning of each peice, all with the intent to improve your engine's gas mileage."

    And improve it he did. Some of the vehicles he has worked on boast up to a 50% improvement in their mileage, or more. Like his 2.8L V6 Grand Prix that gets 40mpg, or his 350ci (5.8L) V8 Suburban that gets over 20mpg. And not only did his efficiency go up, his emissions also apparently went down, a welcome side effect benefit for places worried about smog and pollution.

    When asked about how intensive his modifications are, he assures people that most of his suggested tweaks are easy to install or implement, with some of the best ones only taking 10 minutes or more to implement. "My grandmother could do that one," he says, referring to one trick in particular that's good for 10% improvement all by itself. The rest are simply bolt-on improvements that you can buy, and require little to no reworking of the actual engine mechanics. "I designed it for the average joe to be able to implement," he reassures us.

    Not to fear though. "I have an advanced version of my manual for the advanced do-it-yourselfer, if you ever want to explore completely converting your vehicle over to hydrogen or water or woodgas or something..." he says, grinning widely and shrugging his shoulders good naturedly.

    Is it for everyone? "I haven't touched a single vehicle that didn't respond with at least 10% improvement," he flatly states. And in today's economy, even just 10% is no laughing matter. In any case, his information is welcome news to the person struggling to keep some money in their pocket in the face of constantly rising gasoline prices. Check it out here now at .

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