Amanbo: how to do e-commerce in the place where is no electricity

Top Quote Beluga Community reporter conducted an exclusive interview with Amanbo CEO Mr. Liao Xuhui to talk about how to do e-commerce in the place where is no electricity. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) December 02, 2016 - Africa's e-commerce market, because of its demographic dividend, rapid economic development, the proportion of young people under the age of 60 accounted for 60% and other reasons, which attracts more and more attention. However, it is subject to the basic conditions. According to the World Bank recently released the message: there are still almost 1.1 billion people without electricity in the world, half of whom live in Africa. Great efforts still need to be made to achieve a stable supply of electricity to the inhabitants of Africa.
    Liao Xuhui, started his own businesses in 2003, to do the traditional trade between China and Africa. During that time, he had been to West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa and other dozens of African countries, therefore, he very understands each country's trade environment. In 2005, he made its own brand--My Leadder, and obtain a high reputation in Africa. In 2009, he began planning to do cross-border e-commerce of China-Africa, and established the Shenzhen Right Net Tech Co., Ltd., until 2015, released Amanbo.

    In business, there is no chance to grasp 100% is no chance. At that time Liao Xuhui was doing his brand in Africa and China-Africa cross-border e-commerce, the friends around him were not optimistic about his business, because they thought there are all fake products in Africa, and no electricity, how to do brand and cross-border e-commerce? But he still insisted, and finally he did.

    How did he do it? Liao Xuhui's goal is not just a country in Africa, but the entire African market, with 54 countries in Africa. After doing business more than 10 years in Africa, what experience did he has accumulated? With these questions, Beluga Community reporter conducted an exclusive interview with Liao Xuhui.

    Beluga Community asked:"You have said that you have done the operation and promotion of e-commerce in many places where do not have electricity or the network has been very expensive in Africa, how did you do?"
    Liao Xuhui answered: "In 2009 I was ready to do this thing, really despise the difficulties. Although we are familiar with Africa, but the local network environment, power supply environment and infrastructure are not changed by a company. However, we used "offline e-business platform", that is mobile phones do not need real-time online e-commerce transactions. Because it is B2B, the transaction timeliness requirement is not too high, after made an order should prepare the goods for three or four weeks. The suppliers and buyers do not care about an hour or tomorrow must be successful trading, therefore we do an offline database, even without the internet, we still can allow users to pick the product pictures inside the phone first, and then go to a place where has network or our company to provide free wifi area to complete the order upload. In fact, the principle is very simple, just like the early off-line map version."

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