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  • Emily Macgregor
  • Phone: 0409309830
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  • Distributor Medical Microcurrent devices - Alpha-Stim. Re-programmes central nervous system to calmer state and triggers release of endorphins and serotonin for anxiety, depression, insomnia and pain.
Alphawave Press Release -

  • 'Prescription Only' Anxiety Treatment Now Freely Available Online In Australia
  • With over 10 million American users, it's a mystery why the Australian mental health system has taken so long to catch on to this Non-addictive drug-free Electromedical treatment endorsed by medical practitioners all over the world - Alpha-Stim triggers endorphins for anxiety, insomnia, stress and pain.
  • Used by over 10 million Americans, Alpha-Stim is an i-pod sized medical device that uses cutting edge microcurrent technology to release 'feel good' c ...
  • July 13, 2010