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  • Haytham Amro
  • PO Box 39276, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Phone: 971 4 2232 189
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  • Aldiwan is a UAE company that provides high quality translations and other services to fill the multi-lingual financial, legal, scientific, engineering, medical and business needs of many large international businesses and individuals.
Aldiwan Legal Translation Press Release -

  • Aldiwan Announces Translation Services for Abu Dhabi
  • Aldiwan announces translation services for Abu Dhabi. These services are available on a multitude of services which can increase communication between companies who have a different native language.
  • UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Abu Dhabi - The translation services offered by Aldiwan in Abu Dhabi are varied. Translation of important documents is one of th ...
  • February 19, 2011