Airolusion expands its global production of its Life Saving Bomb Proof Safety System

Top Quote Airolusion create, develop & manufacture Innovative Blast & Ballistic Proof protection products with military, civilian and commercial applications. End Quote
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    The Vorsphere design

    Created and developed for its humanitarian characteristics.

    Its unique design enables it to contain the blast from explosive devices. There are many people throughout the world who are injured, maimed and killed by an array of explosive devices.

    Explosive Devices

    Some items explode because they get too hot. Some explode, because they are mixed or placed with other substances. Some items are waiting to be touched or trodden on. Others are sent, dropped or specifically placed to cause injury and death.

    Unfortunately, the speed at which new and more dangerous explosive devices are developed far outstrips the technology developed to mitigate, contain and neutralise them.


    The Vorsphere technology is perfectly suited to help in Military, Security Service, Police, Civilian or Commercial environments.

    Airolusion's exclusive Vorsphere design offers. Peace of Mind, Security and Protection. The Internet and the Airolusion website have assisted the Vorsphere in reaching global markets and provide international humanitarian support.

    The Vorsphere bomb proof containers and have sold in the US, Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia.


    Aid Agencies
    The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) estimates that 15 - 20,000 people are maimed or killed by landmines every year, with millions more affected by the agricultural, economic and psychological impact of the weapons.

    UNICEF estimates that 30-40% of mine victims are children less than 15 years of age.

    Landmines are responsible for the injury and death of thousands of US and allied troops in all US-fought conflicts since World War II, including thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    In the 1991 Gulf War, landmines caused 34% of US casualties.

    Improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, now cause over half of the entire American and allied combat casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, both killed-in-action and wounded

    Dangerous Left Over's
    At the beginning of the 20th century, nearly 80% of landmine victims were military personnel. Today, 90% of landmine victims are civilians

    Commercial Explosives
    In the US alone, more than 65 children and adults are killed and more than 300,000 injured each year by vehicle airbags detonating. According to federal safety statistics, more people have been killed by government approved airbags which are propelled by explosive charges, than by all the pipe bombs ignited in the last 20 years.
    Explosive Devices.

    An Explosive Device bursts with sudden violence from internal energy.
    a They Kill and injure People and Wildlife
    b They cause damage to buildings and structures
    c They destroy important artefacts and our history
    d They contaminate soil, vegetation and water supplies.
    Mitigating and Neutralising the Threat
    a Reducing its effect.
    b Containing and limiting the damage
    c Limiting any potential Contamination
    d Safe removal and site clearance
    Bomb incident frequency is now becoming common place.
    International communications and travel provides an open network and platform.
    Media access unfortunately provides the information and the knowledge to enable such acts.
    Components that can cause an explosion are readily obtainable.
    Fanatics will sacrifice their lives for a cause.
    Explosive Incidents
    Travel Threats
    JFK Terminal Bomb Scare Evacuation
    Bomb scare prompts evacuation of Spain's Ibiza
    The US Air terminal at La Guardia Airport was evacuated
    A bomb scare caused an evacuation of Dublin Airport
    Bomb threat sparks evacuation of plane at Manchester Airport
    Zaragoza Airport Is Closed Due To Bomb Scare

    Terrorist Acts
     Bomb at London's Harrods department store kills six
     Bomb which kills five people at a hotel in Brighton

    Litter Bins
    o Bombs in two litter bins in Warrington kill two boys aged three and 12
    o Two council workers began to empty the bin, and as they did, a bomb hidden in it exploded..Killing them both
    o Bomb scare at Molineux football ground in Wolverhampton ... believed to be a rucksack, which was stuffed into a litter bin.
    o Bomb exploded in a litter bin in Panton Street near Piccadilly Circus.
    o The army's bomb disposal unit blew up a cardboard box in a litter bin in Clarence Street several blocks from the Hilton.
    o Police said they had received reports of an explosive device in a litter bin in London.

    The Vorsphere presents one solution.
    A Cost Effective, Flexible and Re-Usable Solution.

    The appliances come in a range of sizes and capacities with an explosive capacity up to and in excess of 8kg of TNT.

    Each Vorsphere Model is forged to the buyers own requirement and specification.

    Contact Airolusion Ltd to order your designer Vorsphere's to Counter the threat.

    Address: Airolusion Ltd, The Plaza, 100 Old Hall Street, Liverpool. L3 9QJ United Kingdom.
    Contact Tel: + 44 (0)560 259 4162 Website: Email: mail ( @ ) airolusion dot com

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