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Top Quote Giant Pandas are some of the most endearing and beautiful yet mysterious creatures on the face of the earth, yet sadly, like many others, they are threatened. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) November 25, 2017 - Giant Pandas are some of the most endearing and beautiful yet mysterious creatures on the face of the earth, yet sadly, like many others, they are threatened. Giant Pandas used to thrive in the wild, but sadly, now things are very different. You see, Giant Pandas used to thrive in locations such as China, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Nowadays however, they are found only in very isolated parts of China, in South Central China. Giant Pandas are very beautiful creatures to look at, they are fairly placid unless provoked or with young, and they are actually very efficient. While they have a reputation for being fairly clumsy, in reality, especially out in the wild, they are more than capable of looking after themselves, though like most things, they still need help. That help can come from you, and you directly, if you choose to adopt a Giant Panda. If youíve been considering adopting a Giant Panda, but are not sure what it entails, or how to go about it, then youíve come to the right place. Like you, here at Pandashock we love Pandas, and want to do whatever we can to help them. To help you understand how the adoption process works and why it makes such a difference, weíve compiled this handy guide. Take a look and youíll see just what a difference adopting a panda can really make.

    My house isnít big enough to look after a Giant Panda! Ė Ha, donít worry, when you adopt a Giant Panda you donít actually have one come live with you. Now, no doubt a few of you out there are letting out some sighs of disappointment, but donít worry, your adoption of a panda will still make a huge difference. When you adopt a Giant Panda you basically select a pre-determined amount of money to leave your account every month, which is then spent on caring for and protecting Giant Pandas. Adoption payments not only help to fund important conservation research efforts into the protection of Giant Pandas, they also help fund Giant Panda projects with local communities in China. By adopting a Panda, you are basically helping to fund special projects designed to protect Giant Pandas and enhance their overall quality of life.

    Does my donation really matter? Ė Absolutely! Did you know, that because of conservation efforts funded by Giant Panda adoptions and charitable donations, Giant Pandas were recently listed as being threatened, instead of being endangered! This is fantastic news as it shows just what a difference your adoption can make. Per month these payments are very little, in fact, often one monthly payment will be the same price as one cup of coffee from a well-known coffee chain with a reputation for avoiding tax payments. Thatís right, the equivalent of just one cup of coffee each month will help save these beautiful creatures in the wild. 75% of Giant Pandas are now living in nature reserves, many of which have been funded by people like you, who choose to donate small amounts of money each month, that makes a massive difference.

    What are the main threats to Giant Pandas? Ė Needless to say, man is the biggest threat to the Giant Panda, as because of deforestation, Giant Pandas in the wild not only have fewer locations to live, but they also have less food. You see, we harvest bamboo for medicinal purposes, not to mention for construction and decorative purposes, and bamboo is the key component of a Giant Pandaís diet. 99% of the Giant Pandaís diet consists of bamboo, so the less bamboo there is in the wild, the less food the Giant Panda will have access to. Giant Pandas are also incredibly difficult to breed because the female will only choose to mate for a few days each year. So, if she canít mate during those select few days, thatís pretty much it until the next year, if she makes it that far. Climate change is also having an effect on giant pandas, which again, is largely down to man.

    How else can I support them? Ė Okay, we know not everybody is comfortable with adopting Giant Pandas, and if youíre not keen on adopting, there are other things you can do to support Giant Pandas. For example, if you head over to, you could purchase a panda cuddly toy to show your love for these animals, and to help raise awareness for them. Not only that, but often you will find that when you make purchases of this nature, the company that you purchase the items from, will often donate a certain percentage of each sale, to charities caring for and protecting giant pandas.

    Why should I shop with Ė If youíre looking to purchase panda-related items, then look no further than is based in Sichuan, China, which is the home of the giant panda. Thatís right, the company itself is literally on the doorstep of giant pandas living out in the wild, which we think is absolutely wonderful. Every member of staff absolutely adores giant pandas, with many of them literally growing up with these amazing animals a few miles away. is your one-stop-shop for all things panda-related. They are an online website offering a sea of panda-related gifts, many of which you never would have imagined existed. You will find, amongst other things:

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