Absolute & Cheshire East More Than A Corporate Partnership

Top Quote Absolute Interpreting and Translations is working with Cheshire East Council & NHS Trust- Connecting Them with Linguistic Communities Marginalised by the Language Barrier. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 17, 2019 - As of March 2018, Absolute Interpreting and Translations has partnered with Cheshire East Council and NHS Trust to connect them with previously marginalised linguistic communities suffering from the language barrier. This union has granted countless marginalised linguistic communities access to the vital services Cheshire East Council and NHS trust graciously provide. Cheshire East Council has always strived to provide aid to their all their communities, especially vulnerable and marginalised ones who are often unable to voice their concerns due to the language barrier. This can be seen from their ambitious “live well” program. Similarly, Cheshire East NHS has a track record of striving for patient satisfaction as is reflected in their care quality commission rating. Seeing their shared ambitions, they have jointly partnered with Absolute Interpreting and Translations to extend their services to marginalised linguistic communities hindered by the language barrier, making them more inclusive.

    Cheshire East’s Partnership with Absolute - The Rational choice When Connecting to Linguistic Communities Marginalised by the Language Barrier:

    It’s no surprise then, that Cheshire East is investing in an Accredited Language Service Provider, given their mission to reach marginalised linguistic communities, but why did they choose Absolute Interpreting and Translations to do so? Who are absolute interpreting and translations? Absolute Interpreting and translations is a Reputable specialist Language Service Provider Operating throughout the UK and also beyond. There are a variety of potential reasons for selecting Absolute Interpreting and Translations, in reality, it was probably a combination of all these reasons. However, some of Absolute Interpreting and Translations most notable features include:

    • Good testimonials from current and past clients.
    • Successful competitive tendering.
    • The promise of investment in the local economy through education and job creation.
    • Heavy investment in advanced and accredited management software.

    While Absolute’s presence in Cheshire East is started in March 2018, they are certainly not new to the medical and social Language provision sector. On the contrary, they have formulated a notable reputation through both their Public Service Interpreting Services and their Certified Translation services. Other than this they are and have been a registered and accredited member of the ATC (Association of Translation Companies) for over a decade. Thus, while it is notable that Absolute Interpreting and Translations is now providing Specialist Language Services to the Cheshire East region, it is perhaps not unexpected.

    Secondly, Buyers always take into account the quality of service when choosing service providers, especially when the service is of such a sensitive nature. Therefore it makes choice to choose Absolute’s interpreting and translation, whose quality of service is assured by third-party accreditors, specifically the ISO. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has formulated specialist international standards in a variety of fields including quality management. The “ISO 17100” is a certificate an assuring effective quality management procedure such as the one Absolute boasts and has boasted for a long time. This has likely played a part in acquiring so many good testimonies from past clients all of which can be found on their website.

    Furthermore, as part of standard business proceedings, institutions are expected to engage in competitive tending, Cheshire East is no exception. After receiving tender proposals from a host of different clients, Cheshire east found that Absolute was able to supply the requested language services at the most competitive price. Understanding that efficiency is vital to providing a service on at a large scale; Cheshire east opted to choose the most competitive and reputable firm, in this case, Absolute Interpreting and Translations.

    Cheshire East Council & NHS Trusts’ Partnership with Absolute Interpreting and Translations- A Consequential but Unremarkable Blow against Linguistic Marginalisation:
    Aside from the quality assurance and price, Absolute has a reputation for hiring from and investing in local communities. At first glance this seems unremarkable, wouldn’t any employer endow a similar investment into the local region? However, upon further contemplation, it would be clear that this wouldn’t necessarily be true in the Interpreting and Translations sector, given the lack of individuals equipped with the necessary linguistic skills. This is one of Absolutes key selling points; they have been known to train individuals from the host population at their own expense, whereas some other language providers might simply transport current interpreters from other regions. Furthermore, the individuals being recruited are all required to be native speakers, as it happens the communities recruited from are frequently underrepresented in the job market. Thus, through their operation, Absolute not only provides access to key services but also, equips disadvantaged communities with the necessary skills and employment experience to escape marginalisation.

    Additionally, the sheer variety of linguistic communities present in modern urban regions like Cheshire East makes it very difficult for non-specialist language service providers to recognise, let alone provide for all of them. Luckily, by investing in a specialist Interpreting and translations firm, Cheshire East benefit from Absolutes Database of over 300 languages, managed by experienced booking team who have a familiarity with the geographic and etymological ties between dialects. Ultimately, this means no patient or end-user will end up excluded.

    To summarise Absolute’s partnership with Cheshire East Council and NHS trust is consequential especially for marginalised linguistic communities residing in the region. However, it ought not to be surprising given the rationality of the partnership. This is further reinforced by the continuation of the trend in other regions such as Milton Keynes and East Sussex.

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