A Non-Invasive, User Centric, Media Monetization & Brand Research Framework: Rewarding participation, to Drive $137BB to Humanity

Top Quote A non-invasive, user-centric, media monetizing research service that learns ‎precisely what people 'WILL' like, from what they share in ‎public ‎social web media, matched with humanitarianly rewarding opportunities to learn more, no purchase required‎. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) December 15, 2012 - Boulder, CO (SMRC) - Social Market Research for charity (SMRC), a new, by-invitation-only, supplemental, ‎noninvasive, user-centric social media monetization & branding-research framework, offers to learn precisely what each person will ‎like, determined by relationships between what they've shared & the feedback they receive, in their authorized, public social media.

    ‎By offering them daily, rewarding opportunities that support their favorite humanitarian causes with no purchase required, precisely ‎matched to what they will like (qualified by appropriate requirements), sponsors will be able to harness the previously untapped ‎potential of our unbiased, behavioral research, rewarding awareness & retention to promotional stimuli.

    Using a game-like approach, ‎which doesn't survey or ask opinions, is a scientifically proven method to hyper stimulate everything from awareness & retention, to ‎brand adoption, loyalty & advocacy, bolstering any company's corporate social responsibility initiatives, many times over. SMRC's ‎revolutionary, user-centric framework, establishes the inevitable, 2-way, interactive future of social media monetization, research, ‎and promotions, which Chief Business Officer, and former IBM CTO, Phillip Nakata says, "Like TED, it's an idea worth spreading." ‎

    The main features and benefits of SMRC's service models (which never requires or produces invasive ads) include:‎

    => ‎SMRC only monitors 'public' social media content (e.g. Content that's already available, without passwords).‎
    =>‎ ‎SMRC creates value for all passively monitored, public, social content, positive or negative, at "day rates".‎
    =>‎ ‎Driving twice the response from the 46% that normally never respond to invasive advertising.‎
    =>‎ ‎Privacy and identity are assured, reinforced by SMRC's more effective personalized-noninvasive environment.‎
    =>‎ ‎Matching/ fulfilling everyone's individual interests, co-branded with each person's favorite humanitarian ‎charity(s), creating ‎incentivzed, qualified leads (based on sponsor socio-demographic requirements).‎
    =>‎ ‎Member monetization: a minimum of $1.80 per day (for content) + $5-10 per hour in their free time, rewarding their ‎personal interests, ‎with both as donations to their favorite humanitarian causes + rewards (minimum daily average).‎
    =>‎ ‎Sponsor monetization: $39+ per year per follower (as sponsor donations +rewards); 2X+ the business profits, ‎response and traffic, influencing $5000+ per year per follower in general revenues (all sponsors). ‎
    =>‎ ‎The service is capable of establishing the value of any social topic (and the influence of charity on that topic).‎
    =>‎ SMRC promotes business, influenced by the 60%+ of people that will try or switch brands, based on the support‎ ‎of their favorite ‎charity - anywhere, anytime, using Open Source interactive mobile video & SMS short codes.‎
    =>‎ ‎SMRC creates sponsor goodwill + sponsor rewards, for every followers' social content & research activity.‎
    =>‎ ‎Justifying every noninvasive, promotional research dollar, to social goodwill & response (e.g. More & new business).‎
    =>‎ ‎Driving millions of new SMRC visitors to every sponsor site, co-branded with the visitor's charity.‎
    =>‎ ‎There's no cost to register, as either a sponsor or member, to this by-invitation-only service for humanity.‎
    =>‎ ‎All 501-c3's (social charities), are monitored with regular reporting of their social impact, and funding.‎
    =>‎ ‎All profits from content or research, become sponsor and/or member donations, with equal rewards.‎
    =>‎ ‎What makes this all possible, is our emotional analytics, along w/ in-depth qualifications, from the sponsor listings.‎

    SMRC has 7+ million people in the pipeline (to launch with 10+ million), including major universities, major children's health ‎centers, ‎national youth ‎groups, and community churches, whose content will already generate a minimum ‎‎$2.4 billion in custom charitable ‎donations and ‎sponsor and member rewards, year one.

    Conservatively, within 3 years, SMRC can generate $137 billion in charity, ‎while stimulating over $1 trillion for cause marketing supported revenues. Funding by prospective, working sponsor partners, ‎qualified with a 5+ million follower base and/or similar sized cause marketing interests, is currently under negotiation as $3, $25, and ‎‎$100 million funding rounds.‎

    When asked how one can get involved, Phil Nakata responded, "Please refer to our materials, and then share it with your professional ‎business & social colleagues. Qualified, candidate sponsors, will be contacted directly, if they "share" [left hand column, of the ‎Slideshare] the presentation." Mr. Nakata also noted, "Pre-registering sponsors, and members, receive double the donations' and ‎rewards' value, of their content and research, for life."‎

    To visualize the monetization process: http://www.socialmarketresearchforcharity.org/smrc.process.pdf ‎

    Interested parties, please view: http://www.slideshare.net/pnakatadroid/socialmedianrewardstechnology

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