A guide to Replacing Legacy Software to Modern Field Service Management Solution

Top Quote Companies need to embrace necessary upgrades and modern solutions from time to time, or they burn out in the tough race. But how will you get to know when to hit the right note? Come, let's dive into that. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) November 23, 2021 - Businesses are not the same as it was when you started. Enterprises that once used to be among the frontiers are lagging in the competition.

    Companies need to embrace necessary upgrades and modern solutions from time to time, or they burn out in the tough race. But how will you get to know when to hit the right note? Come, let's dive into that.

    Field Service Management A Brief:
    Before you learn about upgrading your legacy software, let's get a brief outlook on Field Service Management Software in general. For most organizations, managing a field force is a task of great complexity. Being a manual operation comprising many variables, it took time and precision to track all dynamics.

    With technological advancement, software developers took the initiative to generate a superior technological solution to assist the workforce management operations, relieving business leaders of the inefficiencies, culminating in the Field Force Automation technology inherent today.

    FSM technology automates every field operation through mobile systems. As per the research, the FSM market can grow from $3.2 million in 2021 to $5.7 billion by 2026, at a strong 11.9% CAGR.

    With the amplifying complexity in customer preferences, business leaders are discovering the potential of FSM software in their Business. With further forward leaps in cloud technology, the FSM solutions today have been made possible.

    COVID-19 Impact on Field Service Management:
    With the sudden COVID outbreak, businesses have encountered numerous challenges, especially with remote working. However, every industry has adapted in its ways, and field services are no exception.

    Businesses have to ensure their employee's safety and customers while providing the essential capabilities. The only aid for this issue is Field Service Management Software.

    It allows contactless scheduling and remote assistance with the added ability of employee tracking. A digital solution impacts productivity and efficiency by enhancing them, allowing you to offer the best services - now and in the future.

    Legacy Software Solutions - What it's All About?
    By definition, Legacy Software is an information system that might run on outdated software but is still relevant to Business. Such legacy software is inherent in many organizations even today.

    They use legacy applications based on obsolete frameworks for their core business operations, tuned to deliver necessary functionality. So then, why should you bother to modernize?

    The answer is simple. Your current legacy software might work just fine with your Business, but it is vulnerable to crashes anytime. Your system might be prone to computer glitches and shutdowns anytime. Thus, there is a need for modernization. It shows that legacy technology is a significant barrier to digital transformation in this era.

    Legacy System Modernization An Overview:

    With legacy modernization, transforming the legacy systems into a modern infrastructure can reduce cost while inducing flexibility and consistency.

    Similar to software updates, this transition employs the convergence of old applications with modern technologies, building a robust platform. According to research, companies transforming to modern solutions have reduced their overall IT costs by 13% while increasing their revenue by a margin of around 14%.

    Getting rid of old systems by business transformation is a powerful move to stay ahead of market competition.

    Need for Legacy Software Transition and Modernization:

    You might be wondering why it still matters? Think of it as a vulnerability. The current software you are using, which you take as your strength now, might be vulnerable to your Business.

    Your whole Business pivots around the software, and once it fails, you may lose millions in revenue. Not only that, you would probably lose customer trust as well. Legacy software modernization is elementary now.

    Challenges Involved in the Process of Transition:

    Legacy modernization enforces many challenges as well. For example, a report suggests that 90% of businesses may not transition to legacy software because of the associated challenges.

    The challenges include:

    Knowledge Deficit - Considering the primary challenge, this poses another threat because developers don't have any connection with the organizations, and relevant documents are missing. Even the source codes are highly patched.

    Quality Assurance - It's a challenge because legacy applications might still be running well, while modernization would require testing to be functional.

    Migration of Data - The existing legacy software might store huge chunks of data, and migrating such data is a tedious task.

    Modern Field Service Management Solution and Business Optimization:
    From managing product inventory to tracking & monitoring activities, and even route optimization, a Field Force Tracking Solution can bring numerous benefits to your Business.

    With modernization, the software gets updated, improving operations in every way. Undertaking a large-scale modernization isn't easy, but if strategically made successful, a lot is waiting for you on the other side.

    From improved user activity to future adaptation ease, from cost reduction to better security, a modern FSM solution is the best investment you can ever make for your Business.

    How to make Modern FSM Solutions Work for your Business?
    Have you ever wondered what to keep before considering the transition from legacy to modern software solutions? Focus on key areas, prioritize business activities, advancing towards better operational excellence and customer value.

    Optimize your core business processes and focus on enabling people. Opt for leveraging data collected from your Field Force Tracking Solution and get valuable insights for your business effectiveness. Enabling Field Force Help solutions, you can drive your sales while enhancing business efficiency to the peak.


    There is a growing recognition of the efficiency of field service teams to deliver a unique customer experience. The migration to modern systems can help your Business to transform in remarkable ways.

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