A Fiction-Short Story EBook titled “Blissful Moments of Laughter” on Free-ebooks.net by Rosina S Khan

Top Quote This eBook is intended to enlighten the mood of the valued reader and find the humor of life from the author's life experiences. She writes about many of the moments she recalls about sharing a laugh with. Now, what are the blissful moments that really make the author laugh? Will they make you laugh too? End Quote
  • Las Vegas, NV-AZ (1888PressRelease) July 07, 2020 - The fiction-short story eBook, “Blissful Moments of Laughter” has been authored by Rosina S Khan. It has been released on February 22, 2015, by the pioneering digital publisher, Free-ebooks.net in Nevada, USA.

    In the book, the author narrates about her first blissful moment of laughter when she has lunch together with her Deshi friends, Anik and Shoeb. They eat and talk about a variety of topics until she describes how her Chinese friend, Helen has helped her to settle down, be it groceries, bank account, post office, and she has even assisted her to buy a computer. That’s why the author considers Helen to be her best friend.

    Anik gives a quick glance at Shoeb and says, “Look how gloomy and sad Shoeb has become. You didn’t say, “Shoeb is my best friend.””

    Shoeb hides his embarrassment, and they all burst out laughing. It was indeed a blissful moment of laughter.

    Another noteworthy blissful moment of laughter occurs when the author is at her sister’s place in Dallas, US. She snuggles around her nephew and niece. Her sister and her sister’s sister-in-law also sit around, and all have light chitchat in the lazy afternoon.

    Soon the sister-in-law starts talking about how uncomfortable it was for her to sleep at night back in her home country. She let cockroaches and rats go all over her because her sleep was a priority.

    The author then said, “How could you tolerate rats going all over you. I cannot imagine myself in that situation."

    Her sister then poured in, “Does that mean you can tolerate cockroaches going all over you?”

    And they all laughed together wholeheartedly. It was another blissful moment of laughter.

    The book has many more accounts of the author’s blissful moments of laughter. Won’t like to read more?

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    Rosina S Khan is a valued and renowned author of 20 other fabulous fiction short stories on free-ebooks.net. Her other interesting titles on the site include: “A Family of Three”, “A Native Pioneer in IT Sector”, "An Ideal Girl's Dreams", "Near the Mediterranean Sea", "The Mystery Girl" and many more.

    She has also authored three useful guides in the field of Computer Science and Engineering on the same site. Additionally, she has self-published 16 self-help books.

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