A Fiction-Short Story EBook titled “A Bright & Unique Sibling” on Free-ebooks.net by Rosina S Khan

Top Quote This story is about the biography of the author’s special little brother from his birth until his manhood. She describes how life threw challenges at him and how he retreated inside his shell. Could he be recovered? End Quote
  • Las Vegas, NV-AZ (1888PressRelease) June 25, 2020 - The eBook,“A Bright & Unique Sibling” authored by Rosina S Khan has been released on June 8, 2015 by the pioneering digital publisher, Free-ebooks.net in Nevada, USA.

    In this eBook the author describes how her family of three sisters went on to forming a little bigger family because her Dad had always wanted a son. Finally a son was indeed born into the family and he was the source of much joy and entertainment in the family. But the author’s Dad did not get to see him grow after he was six years old because he had a massive heart attack and passed away.

    So the author’s brother was going to lose his Dad’s parenthood at a very young age. Could the rest of her family make up for his loss? Perhaps not but they tried! They took care that he ate properly, had good schooling, had good friends and tried to keep him happy.

    It was not long before her brother began to show great passion for music. He downloaded guitar tabs from the computer and applied to his guitar (which was given to him in grade 4 on his music teacher’s request but the teacher left, and the guitar remained in the house since then).

    Soon he became good enough at playing on the guitar, and pushing him up through his grades until he was through with O-levels and A-levels under the University of London was quite a challenge.

    But he liked Science especially, Physics and got himself admitted in a private university in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering program. He was doing well initially but his passion for guitar took over. He bunked classes and grew more attached to music and chatting on the computer until one day he was rebuked by the family to continue his studies seriously whereupon he stopped all his activities and retreated inside his shell in his room and stayed locked up for days on.

    Whether he ate or drank we couldn’t tell. Now what would happen? We had tried our best; yet things turned out for the worse. Could he be recovered? In order to learn more, please visit the following link:


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    Rosina S Khan is an avid writer of fiction stories based on her life experiences on https://www.free-ebooks.net. She has already penned several fiction stories on this site among which, “Near the Mediterranean Sea”, “Blissful Moments of Laughter” and “The Mystery Girl” are really popular.

    She has also authored three useful academic guides in the field of Computer Engineering on the same site. Also, she has self-published 16 self-help books.

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