A Clay Mask Reveals The Truth

Top Quote The skin is the bodies largest organ. It provides the first line of defense against foreign invaders. These include heavy metals like iron, copper, mercury, zinc and all other organic/inorganic debris. Anything that does not belong in the skin is considered a toxin. These toxins mask your true appearance. Beauty is achieved when the skin is natural and cleaned of all unnatural debris. End Quote
    QuoteClay with class. It does not get better!Quote
  • West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL (1888PressRelease) May 21, 2008 - A clay mask is made of bentonite, a 45 million year old volcanic ash. Bentonite clay creates a high negative ionic surface exchange, which draws any positively charged particles, such as mercury, lead, aluminum, pesticides, insecticides, food additives, nicotine, and any organic residues through the pores of the skin. The toxins are drawn out electro-magnetically. Heavy metals interact with free radicals, which then attack collagen fibers in the skin. (It's the loss of collagen that apparently leads to jowls, fine lines and crow's-feet.) Heavy metals also convert the skin's oils into a waxy, gland-blocking substance, resulting in acne, blackheads, stretched-out pores, redness and irritation.

    When clay is applied to the skin as a mask, oxidation and circulation are accelerated, defensive functions stimulated and body temperatures lightly raised. Thus clay acts light a light massage. In addition, clay, as a natural product is a balancer and revitalizer. Being very absorbent, thoroughly, but gently, cleanses the tissues.

    Clay can be a majestic facial application to the skin. When applied to the face you will notice a more youthful, natural, healthier appearance.The real you lies beneath the multiple layers of toxic debris.

    The truth is you really look younger, you just have to get the gunk out of your skin. Clay with class, come see for yourself.

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