8 Global Solutions Shares Their Fundamental Principles In Being Successful

Top Quote 8 Global Solutions shares their fundamental principles in being successful and recommends young entrepreneurs take note. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) December 22, 2012 - The Managing Director at 8 Global Solutions held a recent interview, during which was asked "I wonder if you could tell me? What are the things a person can do to get ahead in business?" At first she thought this was an incredibly rudimentary question, and didn't want to answer it merely with work hard! And so considered for a moment, she seldom contemplated the basic truths that got her where she was. What harm would there be, in re-examining the fundamental principles? And given an honest response, the truth, be it ugly or unloved.

    8 Global Solutions offers these few building blocks upon which they built the foundation of their business. Some are easy. Some are not. All are appropriate not so much for the practiced campaigner, but rather for he or she who is eager to get a good start in life.

    Dress appropriately, if you want to be a businessman or woman, dress like one. Wear a suit and a tie. This is the way people want you to look in business, whether the rest of your graduating class is wearing that or not. If you're a woman, wear a suit and a nice silk scarf with a responsible pattern of some sort, or a tie. The Managing Director at 8 Global Solutions is a serious business woman and dresses as such. Whatever your sex, carry a soft briefcase that attracts little attention, ruck sacks and satchels handbags etc. are for school, the gym or Saturday night not for a business person.

    8 Global Solutions recommends never saying the harsh truth, remember people have feelings, yes of course its business but you don't want to rule just out of fear people need to like and respect you, and so; say what people want to hear, with a tiny bit of what you think thrown in. This is tougher than it sounds. To accomplish it you will need to actually listen to other people for a while to ascertain what it is they might require you to say. This listening is good practice for later, when you're in middle management and must be able to hear the secret thoughts of dangerous people before they kill you. Later still, you can stop listening altogether, but that day is a long way off.

    Be nice to everybody you can be nice to. If you must be tough with somebody, don't overdo it. And if you have a choice between screwing somebody or helping him get a little bit out of the deal, do the latter. People will come to see you as someone who deserves to win and will rejoice in your success. 8 Global Solutions knows thatTO READ FULL ARTICLE PLEASE VISIT: WWW8-GLOBALSOLUTIONS.CO.UK

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