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  • RJ Stroman
  • 4938 Hampden Lane 272
  • Phone: (877) 644-7445
  • URL: http://www.2sand.com
  • http://www.2sand.com is online seller of sanding discs, sandpaper sheets and woodturning tools. Fast, Fair and Superior Sanding Supplies is company motto %u2013 they carry a large number of high quality sanding belts and sanding discs so that they can be shipped quickly at a very fair price. Once a user deals with 2sand.com he becomes their customer for life. Today, the company has grown to becoming a nationwide distributor and premium online seller of sanding supplies to hobbyist, woodworking business, manufacturers and auto-body repair shops.
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  • 2Sand.com partners with NauTech IT Solutions to foster Effective Online Presence
  • Founder of NauTech has been in the Information Technology industry for more than 20 years now. The company has catered to a diverse range of clients, delivering unique and reliable IT solutions that are in sync with a client's business vision. NauTech will help 2Sand.com reach a new pedestal as far as online presence is concerned.
  • 2Sand.com, a renowned supplier of sanding discs, sandpaper sheets and woodturning tools, is now looking to cement its place in the online marketplace. ...
  • May 20, 2011