December 23, 2008 Latest News

  • Online Eco-Art Gallery Announces "Search by Trash"
  • Most online art galleries allow you to search for the artist by the medium they use, painting, sculpture and photography, we're happy to announce that due to the recycled art nature of, you can now search for items by the recycled materials that the artists use.
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  • Michigan Home Builders endorse “Lease Your Home” Program
  • Four metro Detroit area home builders in 50 new home communities are crediting the new “Lease Your Home “program offered by Marketplace Homes for additional 2008 new home sales. Buy or build a new home from one of these four builders and Marketplace Homes can corporately lease your home for 1, 2 even 3 years.
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  • Palonek Announces Big Three Auto Makers Abandon Millions of Dollars
  • Tough economic times have the auto industry and society at large scrambling for answers. With little hope in the near future of a quick fix, car makers and hard working individuals are having to supplement their income and even their way of life. However, there is a glimmer of gold projecting through the dark shroud that has covered the American economy.
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