October 13, 2008 Latest News

  • RainCode joins Microsoft's Mainframe Migration Alliance (MMA)
  • The Mainframe Migration Alliance (MMA) is a group of companies that are working together to help customers migrate workloads off of the mainframe and onto the Microsoft platform. The Alliance represents a group of companies that have their interests aligned in making legacy modernization easier and more efficient for customers.
  • By Raincode
  • Gearworx Announces Coldfusion 8 Hosting
  • Adobe ColdFusion 8 is a handy way to create Internet applications. It provides solutions to the day-to-day challenges faced by developers, delivers rich and engaging application experiences for users, and integrates in complex enterprise environments with ease.
  • By Gearworx™ Llc
  • Confirmed Profile Feature Reinforces Dream-Marriage Anti-Scam Policy
  • Online international dating has become more popular now than ever before; and its popularity continues to grow. Unfortunately, there have been reports of misrepresentation on the part of some of the participants but not with Dream-Marriage.com who verifies every young lady represented on their website with their Confirmed Profile feature.
  • By Dream Marriage