September 27, 2021 Latest News

  • Bobby Blakdout, owner of Florida based brand Blak'd Out opens new doors
  • Founder Spotlight Bobby Blakdout, born Robert Lindsey, is the owner of Florida based brand "Blak'd Out" and the Label Blak'd Out Records. Bobby Blakdout is not only taking over the music scene! A nerd at heart, Bobby Blakdout quickly realized the music industry is full of BULL. That's when he decided to level the playing field and started signing artists in 2014 on his own dime with no support
  • By Vertex Viral
  • Raising Funds For the Newly Created Startup
  • This article seeks to raise $1500 for the newly created idea/business startup which was birthed during COVID-19 pandemic. The business enterprise is specialized in providing pre-created and established Instagram accounts to business enterprises to help them reach out to their target market audience regardless of their geographical location.
  • By Techmano Enterprises
  • Titan Projects Announces Pre-ico And Ico Sale Program Of Titan Coin (TTN)
  • The Pre-ICO sale of Titan Coin shall be held from Sep 22, 2021 to Oct 02, 2021 on Titan Multi Crypto Wallet. The project has been bootstrapped by the founders since Feb 2018. The proceeds raised from the pre-ICO sale shall be used mainly for future developments and to pay the operational expenses of the project.All our processes are in compliance with the regulations to KYC, CFT and AML.
  • By Titan Projects Pte. Ltd.