September 11, 2020 Latest News

  • AI Based Learning App QANDA Reached Top 2 on Indonesian Google Play Store
  • E-learning App QANDA Reached Top 2 on Indonesian Google Play Store, right after Google Class. Since COVID-19, it’s seen a surge in the e-learning platform demand. Developed by Korea’s leading AI edtech startup Mathpress, QANDA is a mobile app that allows students of all levels to receive instant answers and customized learning sources at zero or minimal cost.
  • By Mathpresso
  • E-learning App QANDA Tops Thai Google Play Store Within a Week
  • Seoul-based edutech startup Mathpresso announced that its learning app QANDA reached no.1 on Google Play Store Chart in Thailand, just a week since its launch. Thailand became the fastest country to top the Google Play Store Education Chart for QANDA. QANDA has over 4 million monthly active users in 50 countries.
  • By Mathpresso
  • Medusind Clients Prepared for Surge in Telehealth Demand due to COVID-19
  • Providers and organizations that outsource Revenue Cycle Management to Medusind were fully prepared for the increase in telehealth demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. CORONAVIRUS CONCERNS ARE KEEPING PATIENTS OUT OF PRACTICES BUT USING THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGY MEANS PATIENTS CAN STILL BE TREATED AND PROVIDERS CAN BE FAIRLY REIMBURSED.
  • By Medusind
  • Zain KSA’s 5G network expanded to cover 38 Saudi cities
  • Zain KSA announced the rollout of 5G services in the cities of Qurayyat, Ras Tanura and Tabarjal thus completing the expansion of its 5G network which now covers 38 cities across the Kingdom. The successful network expansion enhances Saudi Arabia’s comprehensive digital transformation journey in line with Saudi Vision 2030.
  • By Hewar Group Agency
  • Christopher Holmes King from Belgium finds link to Jesus Christ and Solomon
  • A video released on youtube in august called Cap Em King makes explosive revelations, it talks about the Iraq war, the 911 attacks, The great pyramid at Giza, pure maths, the christ angle, and King Solomon's prophecy. The three chapters found in the description underneath the film on youtube gives further insights into Chris, the producer, an ex-derivatives professional.
  • By Lulu Capital Ltd