July 26, 2023 Latest News

  • Taggbox has acquired Tagbox.com
  • Tagbox.com, a leading User-Generated Content (UGC) platform, has made a significant change in its journey. In a recent news flash, they announced the acquisition of Tagbox.com, wherein they've dropped the 'g' from their name but have gained much more in terms of improvements and efficiency. The company assures its users that despite the change, their exceptional service.
  • By Tagbox
  • Inbest is Empowering the LGBTQ+ Community through Financial Education and Easy Access to Financial Services
  • Inbest, a reputed financial services provider spreading awareness about the need to become financially independent, is proud to announce its commitment towards including the LGBTQ+ community. Its motive from day one has been to cater to the tax, insurance, and investment planning needs of its customers across India. Today, it admits to having empowered thousands of individuals from the LGBTQ+ community and is still working its way so that more of them achieve financial goals and secure their future.
  • By Inbest
  • WISECP SkyNode Server Module
  • SkyNode Server Module" for WISECP. It's possible that the module was released or updated after my last update, or it might be a niche or custom module that hasn't gained widespread attention. To provide you with an accurate description of the "SkyNode Server Module," I recommend referring to the official documentation, support resources, or the website of WISECP or the SkyNode Server Module. T
  • By Whmcsglobalservices
  • Global Squirrels Unveils New Website, Elevating PEO/EOR/Payroll Services
  • Global Squirrels launches a new website, offering user-friendly access to their PEO/EOR and payroll solutions. The platform showcases their expertise in streamlining global employment processes, empowering businesses to expand confidently. With a responsive design, they aim to establish lasting partnerships and simplify international employment complexities.
  • By Global Squirrels
  • National Safety Consultant David A. Ward, Sr. Releases New Book The Faces of Safety
  • What is an employee's life worth? It's a question that's rarely asked in the world of business, but it's one that David A. Ward Sr., an executive safety facilitator, national safety consultant, and OSHA outreach trainer, confronts head-on in his thought-provoking new book, "The Faces of Safety." Through powerful anecdotes and real-life examples, Ward challenges readers to reconsider their prior
  • By Bookbuzz