July 03, 2024 Latest News

  • Driveree: A New Contender in Australia’s Food Delivery Market
  • Driveree, an Australian-owned food delivery app, redefines dining with a community focus and innovative features like real-time tracking and personalized recommendations. It supports local businesses, offers discounts to new users, and ensures reliable delivery. Available on iOS and Android, Driveree enhances the culinary experience through technology and local partnerships.
  • By Driveree
  • Hitesh Sharma interview on The Matrix Green Pill Podcast
  • Hitesh Sharma is the dynamic Managing Director and Founder of Taste Studio Catering. His journey from early exposure to the food industry through his family's restaurant to establishing Taste Studio in 2015 is a testament to his resilience, entrepreneurial spirit, and vision for delivering unparalleled experiences.
  • By The Matrix Green Pill