June 04, 2022 Latest News

  • Sports Uganda Helping Make the Dream of Sports a Reality
  • A simple thing like a football or rugby ball that people take for granted in the UK is a rarity in Uganda for children and young people wanting to play sports. Therefore, these donations will impact whole communities and provide young people with the opportunity to display their skills and come together through sport.
  • By Sports Uganda
  • Woosper Eyes on Attaining 100% Growth in Fiscal Year 2022-23
  • Woosper recently announced that it clocked 55% CAGR over the last six years and witnessed growth in different verticals, Brand Launch, Brand Differentiation, Market Data & Insights, and UX Design, in CY 2021 compared to CY 2020. We spoke to Mr. Ramanjeet Singh, CEO - Woosper, about the agency's journey so far.
  • By Woosper